Why you should bring your dog to work holiday cottages


Why you should bring your dog to work

Any dog owner worth their salt should already have June 26th earmarked on their calendars as one of the key dates of the year, and if you haven’t, get it circled now as this is officially ‘Bring Your Dog to Work Day’, an annual nationwide event that raises money for charities concerned with dog welfare. 

You may well be lucky enough to already work in a pet-friendly place where being accompanied to the office with your four-pawed friend is par for the course. For example, Amazon, the Seattle-based e-commerce giant, allows dogs in its offices and around 6,000 dogs are thought to hang out with their humans to work. Google also follows suit and even affectionately calls its dog-owning employees Dooglers. They even include bringing dogs to work in their corporate code of conduct!

Dog in the office

Unfortunately, we can’t all be as lucky as these employees, but maybe we can swing bringing your canine companion to work for just one day. So, it’s time to start working on your compelling arguments and give your boss those puppy dog eyes in a bid to convince him or her that having Fido in the office for the day can only be a good thing. 

1.      Dogs do wonders for your wellbeing

Dogs make you happy – they are loyal and social creatures and don’t care if you’re having a bad day. Simply by having them next to you, you’ll feel a sense of calm and happiness – you can bounce your terrible ideas off your four-pawed pal and even talk rubbish to them and they won’t judge!  Their open shows of doggy affection can add a sense of purpose to your day and stave off feelings of social disconnect.

workman and dog

Great if you work: in a place of relative solitude

2.      Dogs increase productivity

If your boss is suspicious that having dogs in the workplace will distract everybody, ultimately you can prove them wrong. Once the initial five minutes of excitement has worn off and Mutley has settled by your feet, they actually increase productivity. This is due to the fact that you are forced to take regular breaks to give your pal some affection or take him out for a short walk.  These enforced breaks have the added bonus of keeping you sharp and focused when you’re at your desk.

What’s more, you won’t need to run off at the end of the day – having your pet there means you don’t have to worry about what they are up to at home.

Great if you work: in a place where the workload is never-ending 

3.      Dogs can stifle your stress 

Whhhaaat?  Dogs make you less stressed. Fact. Petting and playing with them increases the release of the feel-good hormone oxytocin. In the office, this could be a godsend as often the demands of work mean that the human body reacts by producing cortisol – the stress hormone. If simply by having Rover next to your desk you can combat this, reduce your blood pressure and lower your anxiety, it will make for a happier workplace and also result in fewer trips to the vending machine for comfort snacks…winner.

Woman petting dog

Great if you work: in a fast-paced or stressful environment

4.      Dogs can increase social interactions

You might walk past Andy in accounts most days and just exchange a passing hello, but just imagine if Andy was accompanied by a four-legged ball of fluff – you’ll probably stop for a little bit longer and give the dog a fuss, helping to ease the social interactions between colleagues. You and Andy might find a shared love of awful films and hey presto, a happier and a more connected workplace has been created. Good boy Rover.

Great if you work: in a place where teams are disconnected, or the workforce is huge

5.      Dogs keep you fitter and healthier

If you’re usually pretty sedentary at your workplace, the presence of your canine companion will encourage you to take a walk at lunchtime, and possibly at other intervals during the day. Having 30 minutes of exercise a day is great for you and your dog. The added bonus is also that the fresh air will stimulate your creativity, give you time to problem solve, and make you more productive once you’re back at work. Studies also show that having a dog improves your heart health – so what’s to bark about?

Man in suit on beach with dog

Great if you work: in a place where you sit at a desk for most of the day

Dogs can have jobs too!

Of course there are already those professions which rely on their canine companions to get their job done: the German shepherds with a nose for danger and the presence to dissuade even the hardiest criminals; service dogs who loyally spend their days making life that bit easier for their human buddies or military dogs who serve as scouts, sentries, trackers, and even bomb detectors.

However if your pooch is more of a hindrance than a help, never fear, you could get your dog their own job by applying to be our Canine CriticWe’re looking for dogs of all shapes and sizes to be our paws on the ground and test out some dog-friendly properties, attractions and gadgets. 

Four dogs

We’re also mindful of the fact that there are certain professions where attempting to take a dog to work would result in absolute chaos. We’re certainly not advocating that your four-legged friend should ride shotgun if you’re a stunt motorcyclist or if you work in sausage factory or indeed a cats’ home.  If this is the case and taking Fido with you is a certain no-go, why not treat man’s best friend to a holiday with you in one of our amazing dog-friendly retreats across the UK?

Cliff House

In fact, just because dogs are awesome, why not check out our blog on some of the top luxury retreats where you and you dog can pamper yourselves silly and have some quality adventures together away from the daily grind.

So that’s it. Some of our best reasons to persuade your boss to embrace ‘Bring Your Dog to Work Day.’ Just don’t leave your dog to guard your boss’ sandwich … it might not end well for anyone…!

Disclaimer: Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information at the time of writing, please ensure you check carefully before making any decisions based on the contents within this article.

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