Our Canine Critics wall of fame holiday cottages

Canine Critic

Our Canine Critics wall of fame

Kate W 08 June 2023

We have a fine history of fabulous Critics who have joined our ranks – striking out and learning about dog-friendly destinations all over the UK so that we can pass on that valuable information to others.

Every one of these impressive doggos deserves to be recognised for the excellent job they did during their time in the role. So, to honour our roving Rovers, we've put together a Canine Critics wall of fame detailing every member so far of our ever-growing pack.

Discover our list of four-pawed professionals below and click the links to read about their UK travels.

Our Canine Critics pack

Jump to the winners for each year... 

Canine Critics 2023

Our winner: Pip the Whipp

Our winner: Pip the Whip

The judges have deliberated and our 2023 Canine Critic has been chosen. The coveted title has gone to the lovable, Yorkshire-based adventurer: Pip the whippet!

This elegant, sophisticated hound loves getting stuck into messy, muddy capers around the UK, and always in a stylish jacket too.

He can often be found scampering along sandy beaches or roaming the moorlands and forests of his North Yorkshire home. Follow our 2023 Canine Critic over on Instagram to keep up to date with all of his exploits @pip_the_whipp

Congratulations, Pip!

Second place: Rosie, Finn, Maple

Second place: Rosie, Finn, Maple

These three golden-haired softies were our second-place winners and what worthy competition they were too!

Meet Rosie, Finn and Maple – two Nova Scotia tollers and a cocker spaniel – whose home is the rugged Highlands of Scotland. Where else would you expect adventure-seeking doggos like these to be found?

Between walkies, naps and meeting their pup pals, these impressive canines even find time to go paddleboarding in their spare time. Check out all the things they get up to on their Instagram page @threehairyhighlanders

Third place: Ralph

Third place: Ralph

In third place for 2023, meet the delightful Ralph the dachshund.

This handsome guy hails from the East Midlands but has made trails all across the north of the UK – having already visited the Kelpies in Scotland and Helvellyn in Cumbria, proving himself as keen an adventurer as any canine!

Ralph’s Instagram feed is filled with this beautiful, dapple-coated dog in spectacular landscapes. Find this ever-curious pup at @ralphthedappledaxi and enjoy the photos of his expeditions.

Canine Critics 2022: Darcy and Darla 

Canine Critics 2022: Darcy and Darla

One chilled-out champ, one energetic dynamo, these two girls are the perfect pair and they do a great job taking care of each other during their holiday travels. Darla (on the left) has epilepsy - but she doesn't let that stop her making the most of the world, while Darcy (right) is her long-standing support, by her side wherever they wander. 

Find out more about these two beautiful, big-eyed pups and be sure to follow them and see what they get up to on their travels around the UK.

Canine Critics 2021 winners

We are so proud of our 2021 Canine Critics who have done an amazing job working their way around the UK, digging up all they can about the top dog-friendly places to stay.

Members of our 2021 team have a host of beautiful destinations lined up to share with you. In the team, we have three mountain rescue search dogs who climb the Pennines for a living, an elegant Welsh corgi who knows just how fabulous she is, and a rare dog who is believed to be the first of his kind in the UK.

They’re a friendly bunch, all with something special to offer, and we just know you’ll love getting to know each and every one of them.

The Rescue

The RescueFollow Abby at @abbythepodenco

Name: Abby

Breed: Podenco

Despite losing her sight at age 4, Abby has no problem diving nose-first into adventure.  

The Superstar

TedFollow Ted at @annalieandted

Name: Ted

Breed: Labrador

Ted has many hobbies including mountain walking, sea swimming and paddleboarding.

The Mini Mutt

The Mini MuttFollow Queenie at @queenie_the_welsh_corgi

Name: Queenie

Breed: Pembrokeshire Welsh corgi

Queenie has excellent taste in harnesses and is often at the beach with her little brother Gus.

The Siblings

The SiblingsFollow these two at @hugoandhershey

Names: Hugo and Hershey

Breed: Miniature dachshund

Hugo and Hershey are two sausages that go walking in some epic beauty spots together and love big views. 

The Hero

The HeroCollies who are best mates and work buds

Names: Sam, Wisp and Gus

Breed: Border collies

Three hard-working mountain rescue search dogs who spend their days in the Pennine mountains.

The Helper

The HelperFollow Koda at @koda_thebearpup

Name: Koda

Breed: French bulldog

This Frenchie is a soppy pup who is a true best pal and acts as a service dog to his pup-parent.

The Bear

The BearFollow Rocco at @roccothewolfdog

Name: Rocco

Breed: Alaskan shepherd (Alaskan malamute cross German Shepherd)

We better warn you, Rocco's pup-parents call him a professional 'heart-breaker'.

The Pack

The PackFollow them at @the_country_pups

Names: Bailey, Ember and Bandit

Breed: Show cocker spaniel, Australian shepherd, mini longhaired dachshund

These three fantastic pups have a very inspirational Instagram feed full of beauty.

The Rarity

The RarityFollow Spyro at @spyro_lupinodelgigante

Name: Spyro

Breed: Cane lupino del gigante

Spyro is friendly, warm-hearted and unique - he is believed to be the first of his kind in the UK! 

Critics' Choice

Critics' ChoiceFollow Rufus at @point_of_ru

Name: Rufus

Breed: German shorthaired pointer

Another pup with stunning photos who has travelled throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

Canine Critics 2020 winners

In 2020, we saw Alaskan malamutes hanging out in Devon and a border collie exploring the Highlands of Scotland!

Back in 2019, each dog represented the region they lived in. 2020 was the first year we introduced categories tailored to the different breeds, roles and personalities of the dogs in our lives.

We had a hero category won by a water rescue dog, a female rescue called Barrie who found her forever home, and golden retriever siblings who are sure to make you smile.

Find our list below or click through to find out more about our 2020 winners…

The Rescue

The RescueFollow Barrie at @barriespaws

Name: Barrie

Breed: Anatolian shepherd

Barrie’s former Royal Engineer dad brought her to the UK all the way from Syria when she was a pup.

The Superstars

The SuperstarsFollow them at @lifewithmalamutes

Names: Phil, Niko and Teddy

Breed: Alaskan malamutes

Three big softies who you can watch getting into all kinds of mischief on their YouTube channel.

The Mini Mutt

The Mini MuttFollow @daphnethewondersausage

Name: Daphne

Breed: Chiweenie

Talk about style! Daphne is a model and diva who is so much fun to follow, just check out her posing. 

The Siblings

The SiblingsFollow them at @fredrickandroyston

Names: Fredrick and Royston

Breed: Golden retriever

Brothers whose energy is infectious! This twosome are constantly bounding around together.

The Hero

The HeroFollow Yogi at @yogi_the_newfoundland

Name: Yogi

Breed: Newfoundland

Between working as a Therapet and a water rescue dog, we’re pleased Yogi had time for a holiday!

The Helper

The HelperFiley is always around to help out!

Name: Filey

Breed: Border collie cross

Filey is a therapy dog and helps children with anxiety while always having a smile on her face.

The Bear

The BearFollow Lucas at @lucas_the_akita

Name: Lucas

Breed: Akita

This giant furball towers over his canine friends and always enjoys roaming a new landscape. 

The Pack

The PackFollow them at @jess._in._boots

Names: Lunar, Summer, Nancy, Ethel

Breed: Lurcher

These four lurchers are adventure addicts who can often be found outside in nature.

The Rarity

The RarityFollow Talyn at @talyns_tale

Name: Talyn

Breed: Norwegian lundehund

Fun fact, Talyn has an extra toe on each paw – he also reviewed, not one, but two cottages for us! 

Critics' Choice

Critics' ChoiceFollow Ronnie at @ronniethewanderdog

Name: Ronnie

Breed: Terrier cross

Ronnie is a Lake District Wainwright bagger and was hand-picked by our previous Canine Critics.

2019 Canine Critics  

This was the year of the destination dog – that is, each dog proudly represented their home region!

In our 2019 pack, you’ll find a smart-dressing Welsh corgi, a blind Staffy who gets support from his dog best mate, and a married pug and sausage dog from the Big Smoke.

Read the introductory blog posts for each 2019 Canine Critic and check out their cottage reviews below.


ScotlandMaggie loves adventure in Scotland

Name: Maggie

Breed: Black labrador

Our Scottish winner, Maggie, is a loveable, friendly lab who enjoys a walk at her local beach. 

North East

North EastFollow them at @spanielsbythesea

Names: Willow and Bobby

Breeds: English springer and sprocker

Living near the coast, our North East winners are keen swimmers and love a river to dive into!

North West

North WestFollow them @jessyyandthewonderdogs

Names: Toby and Amos

Breeds: Border terrier and Staffy cross 

Toby helps out his blind brother, Amos, and these two sweethearts and best friends were our North West winners.

East of England

East of EnglandFollow Dilbert at @dilbertthecorgi

Name: Dilbert

Breed: Cardigan Welsh corgi

Our East of England winner, a gorgeous corgi called Dilbert, is a lover of cute outfits and cafe hopping.


Yorkshire Follow Penny at @berner.bears

Name: Penny

Breeds: Bernese mountain dog

Lovely Penny was our Yorkshire winner and she’s on a mission to become everyone’s best friend.


MidlandsFollow Woody at @youmeandwoody

Name: Woody

Breed: Golden retriever

This heart-stealing (and shoe-stealing!) retriever is Woody, our fantastic Midlands winner.


WalesFollow Bear at @_gsdbear

Name: Bear

Breed: German shepherd

Bear the bionic dog was our Wales winner. He had a hip replacement as a pup, yet is super active!


London Canine Critic winnersFollow Puggy and Pops at @thepuggysmalls

Names: Puggy Smalls and Pops

Breed: Pug and dachshund

Our London winners were these two city slickers who will make you laugh with their hilarious posts.

South East

South EastFollow Barney at @barney_bear_chow

Name: Barney

Breed: Chow chow

Best known for his awesome booty shake, this fabulous chow chow was our South East winner.

South West

South WestFollow Honey at @honeyandblondie

Name: Honey

Breed: Staffordshire cross

Our South West winner has an enchanting Instagram feed to inspire you and your pup’s travels.

Our very first Canine Critic

PoppyFollow Poppy and her sister Maple at @alwaystakethedogs

Finally, the pup who started it all! Poppy was our very first Canine Critic all the way back in 2018 and did such an amazing job, we decided to take on ten critics the year after.

From the Lake District to Cornwall, Poppy ventured out on a range of UK adventures, reviewing five cottages and even visiting Canine HQ during her time in the role!

Has your pup got what it takes to be a Canine Critic?

Sniffing out epic dog-friendly holidays, pawing through a bag of goodies and answering to hordes of adoring fans - it's a hard job, but some doggy's gotta do it!

If your perfect pup has got what it takes to be this year's Canine Critic, find out all the details and enter the competition by clicking the button below.

Disclaimer: Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information at the time of writing, please ensure you check carefully before making any decisions based on the contents within this article.

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