10 dog Instagram accounts to follow in 2019  holiday cottages

10 dog Instagram accounts to follow in 2019

Whether you want to follow dogs on their travel adventures or see cute photos of hounds snuggled up by the fireplace at home, there are all kinds of fantastic dog Instagram accounts available to follow.

#pupsquad #whywontyouplaywithme #wheresmyball…

These are all great hashtags you can use to find exceedingly adorable pups, but, to save you scrolling through social media for hours on end (trust us, it’s easy to get lost amongst all the loveable doggos!), we’ve gathered together a few of the top UK #dogstagram accounts out there.

So here are our ten favourites to follow in 2019: from a tiny dachshund, to a sassy Staffy, via our very own Canine Critic dog-friendly cottage reviewer…

Poppy the Cockapoo 🐾 @cockapops our Canine Critic

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Ready for a whole new year of adventure!

A post shared by Poppy The Cockapoo 🐾 (@cockapops) on

Who is this pup? Our lovable champion for UK exploration πŸ‘‘

Doggy breed: Cockapoo

Where’s home? Cheltenham

What to expect: This pup gets up to all kinds of adventures. Expect outdoor shots of coast and country, close-ups of this fluffy face and wide panoramas of little Poppy doing her best to look majestic. 🌍

How often do they post? Usually once or twice per week.

Cosmo the 🐼 @the.adventures.of.cosmo

Who is this pup? An outdoor dwelling mutt with panda eyes 🐼

Doggy breed: Dalmatian

Where’s home? Devon

What to expect: Woodland, grassland and seaside shots of this very photogenetic dalmatian. His owner/mum is a keen photographer so expect atmospheric captures with Cosmo as the willing model. πŸ“Έ

How often do they post? Every other day with the occasional hiatus for special occasions.

Severus & Lily @spaniellife

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Thank Dog it’s Friday πŸ€ͺ Wearing: infinity scarf @devildooddesigns #autumnalspaniellife

A post shared by Severus & Lily (@spaniellife) on

Who are these pups? Super stylish hounds in love with travelling 🐾

Doggy breed: Spaniel

Where’s home? Anywhere and everywhere in the UK

What to expect: Whether it’s a trip to the Scottish Highlands, into the centre of London or down to the Cornish coast, these dogs get around! Expect to see photos of these sleek spaniels climbing mountains, clambering around the car seats or snuggled up in their owner’s bed.  ❀️

How often do they post? About every other day/two to three times a week.

Lady Belle of Berkeley @ladybelleofberkeley

Who is this pup? Very much a country pup 🌲

Doggy breed: Dachshund 🌭

Where’s home? The Cotswolds

What to expect: This Lady of the Manor-type spends her days out and about. Expect pics of this small dog investigating all areas of the Cotswolds while wearing a variety of rather in vogue neckgear.

How often do they post? Daily

Evie & Emma @Eviethebluestaffy

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The look of them both being caught out.. Harrison feeding Evie and Evie taking his food πŸ™ˆ #caughtintheact #dogsofinstagram #staffy #baby #food #funny

A post shared by Evie & Emma (@eviethebluestaffy) on

Who is this pup? Two best buds defying all stereotypes πŸΆπŸ‘Ά

Doggy breed: Staffordshire bull terrier

Where’s home? It’s a private feed… so our best guess is “somewhere in the UK

What to expect: Sometimes Evie the Staffy, sometimes Emma the baby, and usually both together. ‘Adorable’ doesn’t even cover it. 😍

How often do they post? Sporadically. Roughly once a month there’s a hive of activity which can include up to six posts in one day.

R I L E Y + B A I L E Y @goldenriley_

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Dude this stick is like, the best stick πŸŽ‹

A post shared by R I L E Y + B A I L E Y (@goldenriley_) on

Who are these pups? A big ol’ softy and his newly arrived kid brother 🐾

Doggy breed: Golden retriever

Where’s home? England

What to expect: This oversized Andrex pup is a typical homebody. Expect close-ups of Riley’s fluffy face while out on walkies and lolling about the family home πŸ˜„

How often do they post? Two to three times a week on average.

Ila the Toller @ilathetoller

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Follow the path to adventure.

A post shared by π•šπ•π•’ πŸ’œ (@ilathetoller) on

Who is this pup? A dog that will melt your heart πŸ’š

Doggy breed: Duck Tolling Retriever

Where’s home? South UK

What to expect: Sad, dark eyes and pale fur give this outdoorsy pooch an air of mysticism. Expect to see Ila strolling around countryside trails or looking mournfully into the camera. πŸ“Έ

How often do they post? Somewhere between daily posts and every other day.

The Tales of Loki & Svenja @lokithefirefox

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Hey, you know what's more fun than posing on a log for photos? (swipe --->) Stealing treats right out of's mum's hand whilst she's not watching πŸ™Š Loki has been in her @Ruffwear Front Range Harness and Vert Jacket all weekend, and so far she gives them both a solid 10/10 πŸ’›And although she wasn't entirely sure about @jasper.wolfnoodle referring to the Vert jacket as her "cape", she has decided that she is totally epic enough to rock a cape, and will henceforth also refer to it as her cape 🀘 It's the start of a super busy week for the firefox, and we're especially excited because we're heading up to Scotland again on Friday! Woohoo! What are your plans for the week? 

A post shared by The Tales of Loki & Svenja (@lokithefirefox) on

Who is this pup? Action and adventure doggo, keep up if you can! πŸ•

Doggy breed: Border collie

Where’s home? Peak District/Scotland

What to expect: Sweeping views with this active pup bounding into the frame and the occasional snap of Loki taking a well-earned lie down. 🌿

How often do they post? Weekly, although this Instagrammer has been known to post nine in one day – be ready for the occasional Loki cuteness overload!

Harris Reid @theworldaccordingtoharris

Who is this pup? A grumpy sophisticate often found on the beach β˜€οΈ

Doggy breed: Miniature wire haired dachshund

Where’s home? Scotland

What to expect: Maybe it’s those little legs or that fabulous moustache-like muzzle, but this little dog knows his place, and it’s above you. Expect photos of the aptly-named Harris sat on the highest spot he can find in order to survey the world views around him. β›°

How often do they post? Daily

Freddy @freddy_merlecury

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2018 has been a crazy year for us! Through Instagram, we’ve met so many amazing people and we’ve worked with some amazing companies I never would have had the opportunity to work with before. . My 2019 resolution is to be able to meet some of my instagram friends, which have actually become some of my closest friends in life. I also want to explore the world more with Freddy and maybe go up a few grades in agility? And fingers crossed we can compete at @crufts one day 🀞🏼 I’m also hoping to qualify to become a dog groomer in early 2019 and hopefully kick start my life long career with dogs! . What’s your 2019 resolution? #WHPresolutions2019

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Who is this pup? 'Magical' is the only way to describe this Instagram feed 🌟

Doggy breed: Sprollie – a Springer/Collie mix (Google it if you don’t believe us!)

Where’s home? Derbyshire

What to expect: Usually found running through long grass, splashing through ocean waves or playing in leaves. Expect to see lots of close-ups of this soppy pup’s bright eyes with a woodsy backdrop and the occasional sparkly filter. πŸ’«

How often do they post? Almost daily

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