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10 dog Instagram accounts to follow

Kate Williams 17 December 2021

Whether you want to follow dogs on their travel adventures or see cute photos of hounds snuggled up by the fireplace at home, there are all kinds of fantastic pup Instagram accounts available to follow and we've put together a few of the best dog Instagram accounts for you to discover in this guide. 

#pupsquad #whywontyouplaywithme #wheresmyball…

These are all great hashtags you can use to find exceedingly adorable pups, but, to save you scrolling through social media for hours on end (trust us, it’s easy to get lost amongst all the loveable doggos!), we’ve gathered together a few of the top UK #dogstagram accounts out there. Take a look at some of the best dog accounts on Instagram below where we've got together everything from labrador Instagram accounts to spaniel Instagram accounts and every kind of pup in between! 

So here are our ten favourites to follow on Instagram: from a tiny dachshund, to a sassy Staffy, to a few of our very own Canine Critics dog-friendly cottage reviewers…

Photo credit: @cockapops

Poppy the Cockapoo @cockapops 

Who is this pup? A lovable champion for UK exploration 

Doggy breed: Cockapoo

Where’s home? Cheltenham

What to expect: One of the best dog Instagrams out there for UK travel lovers, this pup gets up to all kinds of adventures. Expect outdoor shots of coast and country, close-ups of this fluffy face and wide panoramas of little Poppy doing her best to look majestic. 

How often do they post? Usually once or twice per week.

Photo credit: @the.adventures.of.cosmo

Cosmo the 🐼  @the.adventures.of.cosmo

Who is this pup? An outdoor dwelling pup with panda eyes 

Doggy breed: Dalmatian

Where’s home? Devon

What to expect: Woodland, grassland and seaside shots of this very photogenetic dalmatian and his Dachshund pal. His owner/mum is a keen photographer so expect atmospheric captures with Cosmo as the willing model in this top dog Instagram account. 

How often do they post? Every other day with the occasional hiatus for special occasions.

Photo credit: @ladybelleofberkeley

Lady Belle of Berkeley @ladybelleofberkeley

Who is this pup? Very much a country pup 

Doggy breed: Dachshund 

Where’s home? The Cotswolds

What to expect: This Lady of the Manor-type spends her days out and about. On this popular dog Instagram account, you can expect pics of this small pup investigating all areas of the Cotswolds while wearing a variety of rather in vogue neckgear.

How often do they post? Daily

Photo credit: @pop_sausage

Puggy Smalls and Pops @thepuggysmalls + @pop_sausage

Who are these pups? This couple are about the coolest city dogs you’ll find on the ‘gram

Doggy breed: Pug and dachshund

Where’s home? London

What to expect: Pics of these two out and about in their city! They like to dress up and meet up with their mates too - perfect if you love a funny dog Instagram account. These two lovebirds met through Instagram and you can follow their joint account for couples updates: @mrandmrssmalls

How often do they post? Daily

Photo credit: goldenriley_

R I L E Y + B A I L E Y @goldenriley_

Who are these pups? A big ol’ softy and his newly arrived kid brother

Doggy breed: Golden retriever

Where’s home? England

What to expect: This oversized Andrex pup is a typical homebody. Expect close-ups of Riley’s fluffy face while out on walkies and lolling about the family home on one of the best dog pages on Instagram. 

How often do they post? Two to three times a week on average.

Bailey, Ember and Bandit @the_country_pups

Bailey, Ember and Bandit @the_country_pups

Who are these pups?  A gaggle of mad pups at large in the English countryside

Doggy breed: A show cocker, a mini LH Daschund, and an Australian Shepherd

Where’s home? England

What to expect: These guys are intrepid travellers that love hanging out together. You never know when or where they'll pop up next.

How often do they post? Weekly

Rocco, The Wolf Dog @roccothewolfdog

Rocco, The Wolf Dog @roccothewolfdog

Who is this pup? Rocco,The Wolf Dog aka The Bear has more aliases than Carlos The Jackal, except this dog's a handsome beaut.

Doggy breed: Alaskan Shepherd

Where’s home? South Coast

What to expect: Wild and wonderful pictures of this big handsome doggy out in the wilds of England.

How often do they post? Weekly

Harris Reid @theworldaccordingtoharris

Harris Reid @theworldaccordingtoharris

Who is this pup? A bearded sophisticate often found on the beach 🏖

Doggy breed: Miniature wirehaired dachshund

Where’s home? Scotland

What to expect: Maybe it’s those little legs or that fabulous moustache-like muzzle but this little dog knows his place, and it’s above you. This funny pup has one of the best pet Instagram accounts out there - expect photos of the aptly-named Harris sat on the highest spot he can find in order to survey the world views around him ⛰

How often do they post? Daily

Photo credit: @spanielsbythesea

Willow and Bobby @spanielsbythesea

Who are these pups? Two crazy, energetic beach hounds who love exploring their coastline

Doggy breed: Spaniels

Where’s home? County Durham

What to expect: Photos of these two on sandy beaches and grassy hillsides fill this Instagram feed with the occasional snap of them with one of their humans. These crazy canines love snacks, playtime and swimming so expect to see all this too! 

How often do they post? Every other day but often post a couple of times in a day too!

Photo credit: @freddy_merlecury

Freddy and Dream @freddy_merlecury

Who is this pup? 'Magical' is the only way to describe this Instagram feed 🌟

Doggy breed: Springer and Bracco Italiano

Where’s home? Derbyshire

What to expect: Usually found running through long grass, splashing through ocean waves or playing in leaves, expect to see lots of close-ups of these soppy pup’s bright eyes with a woodsy backdrop and the occasional sparkly filter 💫 

How often do they post? Almost daily

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If you, like us, have ever wondered what your dog would be like on social media then take a look at our blog examining what it would be like if your dog had an Instagram account. Or, if you and your pup are already Insta-savvy, discover a few dog photography top tips

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