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10 of the best dog products for summer 2023

Clare Willcocks 14 June 2023

Summer in the UK heralds outdoor adventures galore, and your faithful friend will surely want to be there every step of the way.

Whether it’s early morning strolls on the beach, midday water fun in the garden, or a lovely shady afternoon walk in the woods, it’s the perfect time to head outside with your pup.

We’ve picked out some super summer essentials and accessories to help you and your dog make the most of life. And if you're planning a break with your four-legged friend(s), why not check out our dog-friendly holiday cottages available this summer by clicking on the button below?

Summer dog products to get tails wagging

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In the garden

Dog in the garden

A beautiful enclosed garden to lollop around and sniff out new smells is likely to be top of your dog's holiday criteria, and there are lots of ways you can make their summer garden time even more fun and refreshing.

Pawise dogs' paddling pool

Dog paddling pool

It can be tricky to keep your dog cool when the mercury’s on the rise, and when it's so hot that you feel like throwing yourself into a pool of cold water, it's likely that your pet feels the same way. The Pawise Dogs Paddling Pool makes for a great addition to your garden, or day at the beach. Collapsible and durable, you can set it up whenever the heat gets too much, and let your dog splash around to their heart's content. 

Unlike other pools, it doesn’t need inflating, so there’s no risk of popping it through over-enthusiastic use!

Salcombe Seahorse – eco-friendly dog toy

Salcombe Seahorse - Harbour Hounds

This cute little addition to your dog’s arsenal of toys is sure to go down a treat. We’ve picked out this fella from Harbour Hounds’ range of fun designs which offer guilt-free fun for your pup as they’re handmade from recycled materials. With 100% natural jute fabric, 100% natural coconut fibre, and covered in soft leather made to Okeo-Tex standard, these colourful toys are safe and good for the planet.

If you still find yourself in need of convincing, £1 of the sale of this particular design goes to the Seahorse Trust, and other designs donate to relevant charities!

Travelling with your dog

Dog in the car

You've got your dog-friendly holiday booked and a road trip on the cards, all that's left to do is pack the car and make sure the pooch is comfortable for the journey. When you're travelling long distances with your pet, there are lots of products out there to help things go smoothly. We've picked out our favourite travel products to make sure the journey is a memorable one - for all the right reasons!

EB Car Seat Hammock

EB Car Seat Hammock

The EB Car Seat Hammock from Travelling With Pets ensures a comfortable journey for your dog, while making sure that the interior of your car doesn’t suffer if they jump back in covered in dirt from their outdoor adventures.

Designed for fitting in the back seats and strapping to the top of the front seats, it is tough, machine washable, and comes with a storage bag for when it’s not in use. Giving your dog plenty of space to stretch out and relax, and fitted with a handy pouch for poo bags, leads, toys and the like, it’s an ideal solution for stress-free car journeys.

Sherpa crash-tested car harness

Sherpa car harness

This easy-to-fit harness from Travelling With Pets works with the existing seat belts in the car to ensure that your pet enjoys a safe journey. By law, your pet needs to be suitably restrained in the car, and this handy harness has been crash-tested, giving you peace of mind when travelling with your dog.

The heavy-duty harness has a padded chest for comfort and safety, and can also be used for walks, so there’s no hassle involved in swapping it over once you’ve reached your destination.

Out and about

Dog going out and about

Here in the UK, we're lucky to have an abundance of dog-friendly places to visit, eat and stay, so wherever you holiday with your pet, you won't be far from a dog-friendly day out. Whether it's a family beach outing, a countryside ramble, or a cafe-hopping tour of the town, you can enjoy it with your four-legged family member by your side. The following products have been designed by dog-loving brands to support your adventures with your pet.

Fetch It compostable poo bags

Fetch It compostable poo bags

From Fetch It, the home of planet-friendly pet products, come compostable poo bags which take eco friendly to the next level. While many poo bags lauded as ‘biodegradable’ actually take decades to degrade and can become tiny microplastics, Fetch It’s compostable poo bags are made from corn starch which starts to biodegrade safely within months.

Leak and split proof too (essential!), they have tie handles and come in different sizes – choose the right size for your pup’s deposits, and you’ll be reducing waste even further. There’s so much to love about this company, they’ve even expanded to offer compostable plant-based wipes and shampoo bars.

Ruff and Tumble dog drying coats

Ruff and Tumble dog drying coats

More often than not, outings with your four-legged friend involve a bit of moisture, whether you're caught out in a summer shower, or Fido get's a little enthusiastic at the beach! We're all too familiar with wriggly pups who want nothing more than to get back to playtime when you're trying to towel them off. Luckily, Ruff and Tumble have the perfect product to dry them off quickly and keep them snug. Made from super-absorbent, double-thickness, soft-cotton towelling, these dog coats and towels dry your dog faster than a normal dog towel. The interior layer wicks the water away from the dog’s fur coat, and their body heat helps push the moisture into the outer layer, leaving them feeling as fresh as a daisy.

What's more, Ruff and Tumble also make dog-cooling coats, perfect for summer adventures in the great outdoors.

Waterproof Dog Treat Bag

Waterproof Dog Treat Bag

Harbour Hounds’ waterproof dog treat bag is the perfect solution for active owners and their pooches who are likely to get a little wet in their daily activities. Avoid soggy treats by storing them in this stylish pouch, made from sail fabric.

With a large central pocket for treats, a front pocket for poo bags and a handy cord for connecting it to the lead, it would make a great gift for the dog lover in your life, or yourself! There’s even room for a tennis ball – how’s that for efficient?

Looking for inspiration for your next doggy day out? Take a look at the UK’s best dog walks and sniff out some new trails together.

EM Tick Off necklace

EM Tick Off necklace

These colourful EM Tick Off dog necklaces are handmade in West Sussex, knotted with anti-tick ceramic beads to help keep those pesky little blighters away from your beloved bow wow. In the words of Harbour Hounds, ‘EM ceramic beads feature the harmonising frequency capabilities of Effective Microorganisms (EM are good bacteria that increase natural immune resistance) – the frequency is thought to be unpleasant for ticks, helping to create a natural aid to discourage ticks.’

They also look rather fetching too, so worth a try for the fashion-forward pup with a penchant for padding through long grass!

Food and drink

Dog eating food

A healthy and balanced diet makes your dog as fit and as strong as they can be - important for all those summer escapades! Showering them with love and filling their tummies with goodness will make sure that they keep up (or more likely outrun you!) on walkies all summer long.

Scrumbles dog food

Scrumbles Dog Food

You are what you eat, and so is your pet, so in their case, why shouldn’t their food be high quality and packed with nutrients to aid digestive health and support the immune system?

Scrumbles offers just that – their delicious (for dogs and cats!) recipes are carefully created with 100% natural, human-grade ingredients including a range of meat, fruit and veg which has been selected for a balanced and healthy diet.

With dry and wet dog food, treats, dental sticks, and even food for dogs with dietary requirements, you’re sure to find something to suit the most discerning pup.

If you fancy treating yourself and your pup to a slap-up meal on holiday, check out the best dog-friendly pubs and places to eat in the UK.

Woof&Brew Drinks

Woof&Brew Drinks

A refreshing drink is a welcome treat on a hot summer’s day, not least for your thirsty hound. Woof&Brew’s range of summer tipples for the dog in your life is perfect for swilling down while relaxing in the shade, or knocking back at a beach BBQ.

With specially made dog-friendly beer, wine and even ice pops available, your posh pooch won’t feel like they’re missing out when everyone else is getting in the summertime groove.

It’s not all party drinks though, Woof&Brew’s selection of herbal teas and tonics are bursting with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals for your pampered pet.

Let's go!

With bags packed full of fun and innovative dog products, you're all set to head off on your summer getaway. If you haven't already found your perfect dog-friendly home away from home, take a look at our welcoming collection by hitting the button below.

Disclaimer: Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information at the time of writing, please ensure you check carefully before making any decisions based on the contents within this article.

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