Dog walking essentials: 10 must-have accessories for your dog walks holiday cottages


Dog walking essentials: 10 must-have accessories for your dog walks

Kate W 01 July 2021

Stay safe and stylish when adventuring out with your dog by your side. Whether trekking through tricky terrain or heading to the local park, our selection of important dog-walking accessories is sure to get you and your pack ready and raring to go.

From mountaintop rambles to beachside excursions, there are many remarkable locations for a dog-friendly walking holiday in the UK. Find your dream destination in our guide to the UK’s best dog walks.

We sought out the right dog-walking boots for your travels, found your all-important accessory for dog walking in the dark, and picked a couple of coats to keep your mucky pup clean and dry – add all these walking essentials to your holiday checklist.

A stylish dog walking bag
A stylish dog walking bag

Before we get into all the cool dog walking gadgets and essentials, you’re sure to need a way to carry your must-have items easily.

Put together all your necessary kit in a dog-walking backpack or pouch beforehand, that way you won’t need to spend time collecting up all your accessories when you’re ready to go. You’ll be out the door faster than you can say ‘W-A-L-K-I-E-S!’

Our favourite…

Any bag will do, but Harbour Hounds have a great two-in-one bag perfect for a dog stroll. Turn this beach bag inside out and you have a mat that your dog can sit on when you’re both ready for a rest or settling down for a picnic.

A backup dog lead

Dog holding a backup dog lead

Leads break, wear through and even get chewed through by excitable puppies! You don’t want to be out and lose the ability to control your four-pawed friend when there are unknown dangers, so we’d suggest always bringing a backup lead with you on your stroll. You never know when you might need it. If you're looking for tips on the best leads and harnesses to use with dog's that pull, take a look at our guide 'How to Stop Your Dog Pulling on the Lead'.

Our favourite…

For a fancy new lead head over to Forsyth and Tedd, who also offer a range of dog jumpers and snoods to ensure your dog is cosy, even when it’s chilly outside.

Light-up collars for nighttime

Light-up dog collars for nighttime

We humans often wear our own fluorescent jackets and carry torches when out and about after dark, and our dogs need safety gear of their own to make sure they can be seen.

There are some great accessories for dog walking in the dark, including LED collars, leashes and harnesses, and reflective collars too – although light-up collars are far brighter for a cold, dark, winter’s night walk in the local park or near busy roads.

Our favourites…

Waggy Caddy have a fashionable LED collar that will make your dog the envy of all their pup pals.

Versatile walking boots

Versatile dog walking boots

In the UK, you never quite know what the weather’s going to do so a good pair of dog walking boots or shoes is always useful, especially if you’re planning a longer walk where you could run into all kinds of terrain.

Our favourite…

Head over to The Original Muck Boot Company, with tall boots for those particularly wet and muddy days down to ankle boots for when you still need good, protective footwear during warmer weather.

Portable water bowl

Portable water bowl for dogs

All this walking and running around can be thirsty work! Especially important on warmer days but an essential all year round, a fold-out water bowl is easy to carry and keep in your bag for when your dog is ready for a water break. This is useful for feeding your dog too, if they are ready for a bit of food to fuel them during your walk.

Our favourite…

Why not try BECA’s food grade BPA free silicone bowls? They have grippy handles, wipe clean easily and can simply be squashed flat when your dog has had their fill and you’re ready to get moving again.

A patterned dog-drying coat

A patterned dog-drying coat

If you’ve got a water baby for a dog who loves jumping in puddles, splashing through waves at the beach or paddling in rivers, a dog-drying coat will keep your pampered pup warm and cosy once they get out and are ready to dry off again.

Our favourites…

Both Ruff and Tumble and Harbour Hounds have some beautiful coats, and towels too, for when your wet dog has just returned to you after a sea or river swim.

A hi-tech activity tracker

A hi-tech activity tracker for dogs

This is a great dog walking gadget with an activity tracker so you can monitor your dog’s health while out and about, and look very hi-tech while you do it! Check how long and how far you’ve walked, keep an eye on calories burnt, and if there’s any change in your dog’s behaviour, this techy gizmo can let you know.

Our favourites…

SurePet has a neat little tracker called Animo, while PitPat have an excellent dog activity monitor too that you can clip onto your dog’s collar and away you go! Measure how much they run, walk and rest with this useful device.

Plastic-free dog toys
Plastic-free dog toys

Don’t forget to have fun with your pet while outside! Bring along a dog toy that you can take with you rain or shine to make your walk even more entertaining and ensure your pet is making the most of their outdoor activity. When you get to the park or find a lovely green space to stop, it’s time for a round of fetch or a good ol’ game of tug-of-war with your four-pawed friend.

Our favourites…

Over at Smugg Mutts, they have a selection of thoughtfully-produced, plastic-free dog toys made from natural materials; you can even get your toy personalised with your pet’s name on it.

Treat pouches

Treat pouches

When taking your dog on a walk, the most important rule if letting your dog off the lead is that you can call them back to you if needed, and one of the best ways to do that is with a big bag of delicious treats!

Find a fashionable treat bag where you can keep a selection of goodies, that way you can always reward your dog when they’ve behaved well or just deserve a treat.

Our favourites…

Poppy and Ted, The Innocent Pet and Harbour Hounds all have delightful treat bags to keep a selection of goodies while on your dog walk.

Pretty poop bag holders

Pretty poop bag holders

Lastly, the not-so-fun aspect of having a dog is your job as the official poop collector – but it doesn’t mean you can’t carry around a good-looking accessory! Luckily, plenty of equipment is out there to make the experience a little easier, including scented bags, gloves and long-handled poop grabbers, and stylish poop bag carriers to ensure you’re always prepared.

Our favourites…

FETCH IT have a range of compostable poop bags while Poppy and Ted have particularly snazzy poop bag holders and useful waste bag carriers which we highly recommend checking out.

Want to check in on your pet’s health? Dog poop is a super useful indicator of how your dog is feeling – read our blog on the secret language of dog poop to make sure your pet is happy and healthy. 

Final note…

Muddy dog on a walk

After your leg stretch, we’re guessing your dog might need a bit of a clean. Whether they’ve been splashing through puddles, jumping into rivers or rolling about in the mud, some dogs have a habit of getting in a mess while exploring on a walk.

Bring along a portable hose and some dog towels for cleaning down dogs on site or once you’re back at the house, and get out the dog shampoo to get your pup’s fur sparkling clean.

The Mud Daddy is a great portable dog-washing device that you can take in the car so you can hose down your mucky pup before they clamber into the boot or their favourite car seat. Hownd have a fantastic choice of ethical, cruelty-free shampoos and balms so you can pamper your pup after a long muddy walk.

If you need a hand taking your four-pawed pet for their daily walk, head over to Borrow My Doggy or Tailster where you might be able to match up with a local person who’d love to spend time with a fluffy four-pawed pup. 

Take a walking holiday with your dog

Take a walking holiday with your dog

Once you’ve chosen which of these fashionable and functional dog walking essentials to pack for your next walking adventure, you’ll need to try them out on a walking holiday!

Pick out a walking base for a holiday with your hound by browsing our selection of pet-friendly properties across the UK.

From cottages with big gardens – perfect for excitable dogs to race about – to holiday lets with wood burners that keep the whole pack cosy after busy hikes, you’ll soon find the ideal retreat.

Disclaimer: Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information at the time of writing, please ensure you check carefully before making any decisions based on the contents within this article.

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