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The secret language of dog poop

Jo 04 January 2019

How can we help our furry chums when they are feeling under the weather? Well, unlike us humans, dogs can’t communicate their woes quite so eloquently; one way to monitor their health is to check their little gifts to us as they often indicate their current state of wellness.

If you are looking to add to your skill set and impress your fellow dog walking friends at the local park, commit the information in our healthy dog poop chart to memory. It won’t be long before you can I.D. different types of waste without a second thought; you will be able to give your dog’s pongy parcels a fleeting assessment and know their diet and general health.

If you have more than one dog or wanted to discover which owners weren’t picking up after themselves, you could even use our chart to become Hercule ‘Poorot’ and perform your own ‘poo-dunnit?’ Of course, you must always contact a vet when in doubt, our guide works only as a gateway for novices to the world of the dog muck. 

Do you speak poop?  The 4 Cs of dog poop

What is your dog trying to tell you about their health? By looking at their waste you can learn a lot.

Before bagging and binning, learn the 4 Cs:

The 4 Cs of dog poop: consistency, colour, content and coating

Food type poops:

The doggy diet obviously shapes the appearance of the poop, so it’s a good place to start our voyage of discovery.

How your dog's food can affect their poop

Rainbow poop:

Ok, there’s not quite 50 shades of poop on our list, but it’s a still a colourful list. Each pastel-shade of poo tells its own story, whether it's green, yellow or your regular brown: most common factors are diet, liver condition, viruses, parasites and the speed of passage through the pooch. If there’s a sudden change that doesn’t relate to an overnight diet change, contact your vet.

What different colours of dog poop mean

Textured poops:

Like snowflakes, no two doodies are the same. However, the trained eye can tease out anomalies and special features such as lumps or obtrusions that could highlight an abnormality in your dog’s well-being.

What different textures of dog poop mean

Uninvited guest poops:

If you are still reading at this point you must have a very strong stomach, or you love dogs with no limits. Dogs by nature are very curious and always on the hunt to sniff out something good to eat (amongst other things). You have to be quick to stop most hounds from snapping up discarded food that may have been left behind by the careless, so even if you offer a controlled diet there’s still room for the unexpected.

On occasion, Mr or Mrs dog will grab an early lunch treat from the unknown and it could make them very sick, even though they have much stronger stomachs than us. Found food could include worms and parasites that love nothing better than hiding inside your dog’s tummy.

What it means if you find other things in your dog's poop


The colour red in nature signals warning or inspires hunger. In this case, the most urgent of hues indicates an immediate need for action. Red poops often mean there’s internal bleeding somewhere inside your animal. Consult your vet without delay in cases like this.

Red dog poop which needs immediate medical attention

Pay close attention to your dog’s poop! Whilst an isolated case of diarrhoea or change in colour/texture could be nothing to worry about (particularly if they’re eating, drinking and behaving normally) it could be the start of a more serious health condition. 

Disclaimer: If you have any concerns about a change in your dog’s poop, consult a vet in the first instance.

We want your four-legged friend to be happy and healthy, which is why, alongside a fabulous range of dog-friendly cottages, we offer advice and information on all things doggo. From first aid to toxic foods, we've got all your canine concerns covered. We're not only here to help you plan your perfect dog-friendly holiday, but also to share with you everything we know about our furry friends.

Check out the full infographic below, and find out how to share it on your website underneath!

Infographic on the health of your dog's poop

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Disclaimer: Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information at the time of writing, please ensure you check carefully before making any decisions based on the contents within this article.

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