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The Best Dog Coats

Stephane Lawes 24 January 2024

Exploring the great outdoors with your beloved pooch is one of the many joys of pet ownership. Immerse yourselves in nature with endless opportunities for walkies and discover the many hidden gems that await; do this and a unique bond with your pet is formed.

Prepare your dog for outdoor play with a brand-new dog coat. Whether you’re heading out for a sun-soaked splash in the river, a hike in the crisp autumn air, or a brave venture through the snow, we think a new coat is the key to a happy and warm dog.

As well as showcasing some of the best dog coats on the market, this guide walks you through the most practical and popular pooch apparel for all occasions, including dog drying coats, dog cooling coats and dog raincoats. Afterwards, why not put your kit to the test on an active weekend in the great outdoors, using one of our dog-friendly cottages as your base? Hit the link below to explore our collection! 

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Best waterproof dog coats

Small dog in a yellow waterproof dog coat on a wet day

Whilst dog walks are bright and sunny in our minds, seasoned owners will know all too well that this isn’t always the case, with many wet walks awaiting owners throughout the year. Depending on the coat you opt for, wrapping your pooch up in one of the best waterproof dog coats or dog raincoats not only protects them from the harsh elements but helps keep them clean, aids visibility for others and increases their comfort. 

Popular for their innovative and sustainable doggy apparel, Paikka offers a great solution to wet dog walks with their Visibility Raincoat. Its reflective surfaces ensure easy visibility during dark walks, whilst the waterproof fabric and hood prevent water from pouring inside. And with an adjustable neckline and straps, you can almost tailor the dog raincoat to your pooch’s size. 

Dog wearing waterproof rain coat on a grey, wet day

Synonymous with style and practicality, Barbour offers a wide range of high-quality kit for humans, and thanks to their elegant Waterproof Dog Coat, there’s no reason for your pooch to be left out. With a reflective trim and tartan lining, you won’t lose sight of the dog, and they’ll enjoy the smooth feel of the materials against their fur. The cotton interior will keep them warm on colder days, whilst the water-resistant polyester and cotton exterior will help the raindrops slide right off. 

The Mutts & Hounds mission is to create stylish and quintessentially English products, and that’s exactly what they’ve achieved with their Waxed Waterproof Dog Coat. Not only does it look brilliant, but the coat’s waterproof; waxed cotton fabric will deter any raindrops, while the interior’s fleece lining will keep your dog cosy and dry. With a choice of colours available, fit it to size with the adjustable fastenings and raise the check-lined collar for complete protection.

Featured waterproof dog coats:

Paikka: Visibility Raincoat Lite 

Barbour: Waterproof Dog Coat

Mutts & Hounds: Waxed Waterproof Dog Coat

Best dog drying coats

Wet dog shaking off the water from his coat

Not only do effective dog drying coats help you to outstep the battle between dog and towel after bath time, but they also reduce the risk of matting coats and doggy discomfort. They can even prevent your home from becoming wet and sandy after walkies along the beach

Harbour Hounds is committed to responsibly sourced and high-quality pooch apparel, which is why we're proud to have them as a partner to our Canine Club. Their Dog Drying Robe is made from super soft cotton, ensuring maximum canine comfort and quick absorption of moisture. Trapping air and heating their body in the process, the drying robe boasts a turtleneck design, as well as easy stud fastening to ensure flexibility for the dog and easy use for their human companion. 

Mid-air image of a dog leaping into the water from a jetty

Also part of our Canine Club, Ruff and Tumble’s range of dog coats offer clever design features, effective drying and plenty of comfort. Their Classic Dog Drying Coat does just what its name suggests, boasting a simple, slip-on solution to wet and muddy hounds. Its two layers of absorbent towelling easily wick away the wet, while its long and adjustable hood/collar, and extra wide belly flap, ensure complete comfort. 

Featured dog drying coats:

Harbour Hounds: Dog Drying Robe 

Ruff and Tumble: Classic Dog Drying Coat

Best dog coats with a harness hole

Small dog in the leaves wearing a dog coat with a harness hole

Combining comfort and safety, dog coats with harness holes offer an easy solution to the leash and harness attachments, eliminating the need to remove the dog coat you’ve just splashed your money on. Whether you’re walking in dense woods or near busy roads, these coats streamline the dressing process, ensuring cosiness and security for your pooch. 

The Riom Padded Fleece from DryDogs provides total comfort and protection for your hound, as well as easy use for the owner. Its outer material is water repellent for those soggy days, and thanks to the lined fleece and interior padding, with extra care taken in the collar and chest areas, your pooch is sure to stay warm. For maximum practicality, the two harness holes are protected by waterproof zips and offer easy adjustability. 

Small dog wearing a dog coat with a harness hole on a damp day

Popular for their wide range of excellent and rugged doggy apparel, Ruffwear’s Overcoat Fuse Dog Jacket brings together years of research into one single jacket-harness combination. Two leash attachment points offer easy use, one at the back and one at the chest, ideal for redirecting dogs that pull on the leash. And with wind and waterproof fabrics, as well as a warm and comfy fleece lining, your dog is sure to be happy, making leashing up a pleasure. 

DoggyKing’s 3-in-1 Jacket does exactly what it says on the tin, combining comfort, security and fashion. Its full weather protection means that your pooch is shielded from the wind and rain, with the jacket covering the entire body and belly. The easy-to-use and built-in harness means that you don’t need to worry about removing layers to access an additional harness or collar, making this one of the best dog coats with a harness hole.

Featured dog coats with a harness hole:

DryDogs: Riom Padded Fleece 

Ruffwear: Overcoat Fuse Jacket

DoggyKings: 3-in-1 Jacket

Best dog winter coats and fleeces

Small dog in the snow at its owner's feet, wearing a dog winter coat

As the temperatures drop and the days get shorter, insulating and protecting your dog becomes more important, and a quality dog coat should top the winter walkies checklist. When it comes to buying, doggy owners have a choice of fleeces, puffer jackets, high visibility coats and plenty more, so to help you browse, here are three of the best dog winter coats. 

Hugo & Hudson’s Reversible Puffer Jacket offers a choice of stylish designs, each with two colours that can be worn both inside and out, including forest green and gold, and a lovely navy and berry combination. Not only is this coat compatible with collars and harnesses, but it protects against the harsh winter elements with its water-resistant materials and puffer insulation. 

Small dog wearing a dog winter coat on a cold walk through the woods

Also part of our Canine Club, Poppy + Ted’s Cosy Dog Fleece Jumper not only looks adorable but provides plenty of warmth and comfort for your pooch. Its lightweight but insulating fleece fabric protects dogs against the winter cold, whilst its water-repellent materials deter any rain drops. Completing this fleece dog coat is a convenient zip-back fastening, two front leg sleeves and an adjustable neck collar.

Designed in the harsh conditions of Finland, Paikka offers some of the best dog winter coats, with their Visibility Winter Jacket being one of them. Its Thinsulate, recycled insulation keeps pooches warm, even in freezing temperatures, and its modest weight ensures complete comfort. Being highly reflective, you won’t lose the dog during after-dark walks, while the waterproof hood protects your dog’s neck and ears from the water and chill. 

Featured dog winter coats and fleeces:

Hugo & Hudson: Reversible Puffer Jacket

Poppy + Ted: Cosy Dog Fleece Jumper

Paikka: Visibility Winter Jacket

Best dog coats with legs

Medium-sized dog wearing a dog coat with legs

Otherwise known as dog suits or overalls, dog coats with legs offer total protection against the wet and cold for your pooch, and the mud and dirt for your home! Covering more surface area, including the legs and belly which are often exposed, these coats offer plenty of warmth, especially for smaller and short-haired dogs who are more vulnerable to the cold. 

Waterproof and dirt resistant, Hurtta’s fantastic-looking Mudventure Overall is lightweight, durable and easily adjustable for your beloved pooch. Using recycled materials that cover almost 90% of the dog, this coat’s fully-taped seams block any drops of water, exemplified in the impressive Rainstopper collar. And with reflective strips and a zip-open harness hole, protection and practicality are not sacrificed. 

Medium-sized dog wearing an orange dog coat with legs in the woods

Hugo & Hudson’s Protective Dog Overalls come in a choice of colours, including teal, grey, and a reflective neon orange. With an easy-to-use zipper and an adjustable protective collar, total convenience is guaranteed, as is comfort for your dog. Elastic banding on the legs ensures that no water or dirt can sneak into the coat, and no heat can escape. Protected against the wind and rain, let your pooch play freely in the mud, as the coat’s reflective print makes cleaning it very easy indeed.

Featured dog coats with legs:

Hurtta: Mudventure Overall Eco

Hugo & Hudson: Protective Dog Overalls

Best dog cooling coats

Warm dog drinking water from its owner's hand on a sunny day

Ensuring your canine’s comfort during the warmer months is just as important as protecting them against the winter elements, and one helpful item that tackles the heat is a dog cooling coat. Allowing your pooch to overheat can lead to serious health risks, which is why dog cooling coats are available to regulate body temperature, retain water and help evaporation.    

Part of our Canine Club, Ruff and Tumble’s Dog Cooling Coat boasts a triple-layered approach to keeping your dog chilled. The coat’s first and outer layer deflects the sun and evaporates water, the middle layer absorbs and holds the water, while the third later transfers the cooling effect to the dog’s body. On a hot day, simply soak the coat in cold water, wring it out and clip it on your deserving doggy! 

Small dog cooling off in the breeze on a warm day

Using their impressive Swamp Cooler technology, Ruffwear’s Dog Cooling Vest is an attractive and easy-to-use doggy item. Its light-coloured design doesn’t just look good, it also reflects solar radiation and provides shading in the right areas. With a simple side-release buckle, removing the coat is easy, as is activating the Swamp Cooler technology. Simply dunk the coat in cool water and let its three-layer design kick in, absorbing the water, evaporating and retaining the chilled air, and cooling your dog. 

Featured dog cooling coats

Ruff and Tumble: Dog Cooling Coat

Ruffwear: Swamp Cooler Dog Cooling Vest

Discover our Canine Club

Canine Cottage's exclusive Canine Club, three dogs together

Sign up to our Canine Club today to join a growing community of dog lovers who have access to a wide range of exclusive discounts from over 20 fantastic doggy brands. 

With the likes of Harbour Hounds, Ruff and Tumble, and Poppy + Ted waiting, sign up today to explore the collection of brands and sniff out the perfect, poochy offer.  

Our dog-friendly holiday cottages

If you’ve splashed out on one of the items above, what better way to test your canine kit than a human and hound adventure in the great outdoors? With dog-friendly cottages across the UK, we’re ready to host the whole family and your four-pawed friends.   

Whether it’s a summer’s getaway along the Cornish coast and rolling green hills of the Cotswolds, or a wintry escape to the delights of the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales, our dog-friendly holiday homes are waiting.

Disclaimer: Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information at the time of writing, please ensure you check carefully before making any decisions based on the contents within this article.

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