Woof & Brew dog-friendly beer: Canine Critics review holiday cottages

Canine Critic

Woof & Brew dog-friendly beer: Canine Critics review

Canine Critics 04 February 2020

You know the feeling – you’ve spent a long day out in the fresh air, running around in the hot sun, and now the day is done, you’re craving a refreshing ice-cold beer. But what’s even better than the first sip of a cold beer on a hot day? Sharing that experience with your best pal, of course!

If your favourite friend happens to have four legs instead of two, never fear: Woof & Brew has created a range of liquid treats that your pet can enjoy – from Cham:Paws to Barkjeeling tea! The team sent our Canine Critics a bottle of Bottom Sniffer – a dog-friendly beer – to lap up. Here’s what they thought:

Dilbert - East of England Canine Critic

(By his human, Sian)


Beer: a popular beverage amongst humans. And now, perhaps, dogs!

Ok, it’s not quite beer as you know it (not even a niche, hipster kind...) – it’s non-alcoholic for a start (obviously!) but it’s been specially designed for dogs. And what dog wouldn’t want to join their human in cracking open a nice cold beer at the end of a long hard week!

Alright, I admit, I was sceptical; I didn’t really think there was a beer-shaped hole in Dilbert’s life and I can’t say I could really see much point in serving him a drink other than water (always make sure dogs have access to water even when they’ve got a beer on the go!). If I’m honest, I expected him to turn his nose up at it and wander off. But none the less, I opened the bottle and poured some into a glass (yes, a glass – if he’s having a beer, he’s doing it properly, ok?) Much to my surprise, when I put the glass of Bottom Sniffer in front of him, he started to lap it up quite enthusiastically! Sorry Dilbert, clearly I’d been wrong about that beer-shaped hole all along!

After quite a few slurps, he was done - so I saved the rest for him to have the next day. In fact, I poured some over his dinner, which did confuse him a bit at first, but then he licked the bowl clean as usual, so it must have tasted quite nice!

The beer itself contains non-fermented beer wort, bladderwrack (seaweed) extract, natural chicken flavouring, burdock, dandelion, flax, nettle and rooibos. As I said earlier, it’s not beer as you know it, but dogs (well, mine at least) sure think it’s tasty!

I can’t say I can see dog beer becoming a staple in my dog treat armoury, but it was certainly a fun thing to give him, so I can see it being a regular for doggy birthdays and Christmas. It’s definitely a conversation starter (as I found out when I announced that I was reviewing dog beer, in the office!) and as a gift, it’ll put a smile on some faces, both human and dog!

We give Bottom Sniffer a beery-good (see what I did there?)  8/10!

Woody - Midlands Canine Critic

(By his human, Liv)


Is there anything better than tucking into a nice cold beer after a good ol' hike? I think not. Especially when you get a beer gifted as part of the winner’s hamper for winning Midlands Canine Critic, it makes it taste that much sweeter.

We took our Woof & Brew ‘Bottom Sniffer’ out one weekend for Woody to enjoy in the mountains. We found a quiet little spot just off the beaten track, cracked it open and watched Woody lap it up!

Bottom Sniffer is an alcohol-free and non-carbonated beer for dogs. You can serve it how you wish - as a drink or over food.

The copy on the bottle is really funny to read and also claims that once your dog drinks this beer, “other dogs will be bottom sniffing with jealousy and give your dog real ‘tail swagger’ making them the leader of the pack”. I can confirm that it does indeed give your dog MORE tail swagger (like Woody needs any more of that).

Bottom Sniffer is a fun way to celebrate certain milestones with your dog without leaving them out. Although we wouldn't give Woody a 'beer' everyday (responsible parents and all that), they are great to have on occasions which allows you to share a well-earned beer with your best pal.
Cheers Woof & Brew!

Bottom Sniffer


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