Wildwash dog shampoo: Canine Critics review holiday cottages

Canine Critic

Wildwash dog shampoo: Canine Critics review

Canine Critics 31 January 2020

As much as we adore our mucky pups, and love seeing them have a great time on their walkies, we would much rather they didn't bring their muddy paws inside. For some reason, post-walk pups seem to make a beeline for anything clean or light coloured - and more often than not, the victim in all this seems to be our favourite white bed linen! However, we love having a snuggle with our clean and fresh-smelling hounds and that can only mean one thing - the dreaded B.A.T.H.

We don't know about your hooligan hounds, but while ours are more than happy to jump in the dirtiest ponds and puddles, try to get them into the shower and you would think they had never seen water in their life! But shower time it is, and what better to arm yourself with than a natural, kind and gentle doggy shampoo that is as good for the planet as it is our doggy pals?

Our friends at Wildwash have sent three of our now sweet-smelling Canine Critics a bottle of their gorgeous shampoo to see how we can make bathtime a little more fun. 

The verdicts are in: 

Willow and Bobby, North East Canine Critics

(by their human, Lynn)

Willow and Bobby Wildwash review

When our box of goodies arrived from Canine Cottages, we were really pleased to see some dog shampoo! Why you might ask, when there are so many other exciting products to review, would you be pleased to see a bottle of dog shampoo? The answer is simple: two dogs = double the mess! And that’s not just any mess, it’s spaniel mess.

The shampoo we were given was from a company called 'Wildwash', founded by a couple who have a passion for pets, animals and our environment in general. They have spent years slowly developing a natural line of pet shampoos that they believe to be the best in the world. That's pretty impressive. Their shampoos contain absolutely NO parabens, phthalates, phosphates, sulphates, or any other nasties that could harm our beloved dogs, as their vision was to create a totally natural pet shampoo that would be as good in every way as the highest quality human products available. 

Knowing that the ingredients of their shampoo were all natural, I was more than happy to use it on these two dirty spaniels. You hear people say to only bath your dogs once a year, and to not wash them too much as it's not good for their fur. It makes you worry that you're doing your dog harm by bathing them; however, on the other hand, you want them to be clean and fresh.

The amount of time I spend washing and drying two spaniels is unreal! Living close to the beach and lots of countryside walks mean that getting sandy and dirty is inevitable. And this sometimes means on a daily basis. So, I'm very careful to only use products that are suitable and which use natural ingredients that won't irritate or be in any way harmful to Willow and Bobby's skin and fur.

Willow and Bobby Wildwash review

We received a 250ml bottle of their Stinky Dog shampoo (£8.95) The label states that it's for dirty coats and bad odours including fox poo! Now there's a situation I've been in many times. Especially with Bobby - he'll be a few metres away, sniffing the ground, minding his own business when suddenly he'll look up and remember where we are! That mischievous look in his eyes and then it's like a slow-motion scene from a film with me beginning to run, shouting noooo! while Bobby (as if laughing at me) flops to the ground and rolls on his back, paying special attention to scraping his neck as much as he can into the fox poo before I can get to him.

When I do finally reach him, the first thing to greet me is that disgusting stench – it’s like a slap in the face and you just know it's too late. Usually, after a walk like that, we walk home in silence, Bobby sulking because he knows he's going in the bath! 

I've yet to use the 'stinky dog shampoo' on fox poo, however, I did use it after a particularly very muddy walk. The two ingredients that have the strongest aroma are the peppermint and lemongrass and these overpower the other ingredients of lavender, aloe vera and rosemary which is why it's so great for getting rid of nasty odours. It left their fur nice and soft and with a lovely smell and I'm glad I've got it ready for when there is a real fox poo emergency. Which we all know there will be!

Looking at Wildwash's website, they offer a whole host of different pet shampoos for every need or concern such as itchy skin, bites, light or dark coats and many more, so it's definitely worth a look. 

Penny, Yorkshire Canine Critic

(by her human, Danielle)

Penny Wildwash review

We were given Wildwash’s 'Stinky Dog' shampoo to trial this winter season. Fortunately, Penny can’t read and wasn’t offended. The shampoo specialises in bad odours, dirty dogs and ridding those coats of infamous fox poo. Despite Penny not being particularly smelly nor a fan of fox poo, she can certainly get dirty! We enjoy taking Penny for walks around the Peaks and this winter season has been particularly wet and harsh on us. Due to her size, we tend to avoid bathing her at home but Wildwash saved the day after a particularly muddy day trip.

Penny Wildwash review

The scent is a lovely natural aroma of lemongrass and peppermint. We found the item lathered very well and easily removed all of the grime Penny had picked up during the day. Our walls and bath were brown but our dog was sparkling clean! The scent of the shampoo after drying isn’t strong and perfectly neutralised any of those lingering doggy odours.

Bear, Wales Canine Critic

(with some help from his brother, Dougie)

Bear final crop photo for blog

I’ll be honest, when I first heard I had to review some shampoo, I did not feel particularly enthusiastic about it… Over the past few months, I’ve not really been allowed to go out anywhere to get dirty as I’ve been recovering from my hip replacements but sometimes, if my legs and belly get a bit grubby from the garden, my humans do wash them against my will – I let them off though because I get heavily compensated with treats! My little brothers, however, are like little sponges when they go for walks, so they’ve had the… pleasure, of having several baths with it. Better them than me!

Mum thinks their shampoo is great and says we smell lovely after being washed with it… although personally, I think I smelt better before! It does seem that we get a lot more cuddles after using it though, so I guess it’s worth it in the long run. My humans love that Wildwash is focused on using natural ingredients and that their products are free from harmful chemicals because that means it won’t interfere with my skin’s microbiome. Apparently, this makes it great for sensitive skin - on both us and our owners – which is good because they usually end up just as soapy as us!

Bear and Oscar

Despite being such a delicate shampoo, it is surprisingly strongly scented which my humans were pleased to find out. They said it’s good to know that if I ever manage to find fox poo, they can wash the smell out using it! Whilst this product is targeted at 'stinky dogs', we think it would be an ideal alternative to any shampoo you currently have because it can be used regularly without damaging our skin and coats. The only downside is that the smell does fade quite quickly and we’re back to our usual selves within a few days but maybe that’s just because we’re always on the go. Overall, we’d give Wildwash shampoo a solid 8/10!


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