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FETCH·IT compostable poo bags: Canine Critics review  

Canine Critics 24 January 2020

Dog poo – there’s no escaping it. As all owners (and their dogs) will know, it features regularly in everyday life (and if it doesn’t… maybe book an appointment with the vet). So, it’s safe to say – both dogs and owners know a thing or two about plastic poo bags. But what if we could make answering the call of nature a little kinder to the environment?

FETCH·IT kindly sent three of our Canine Critics a pack of their 100% compostable bags to try out, in a bid to make the everyday act of doing the dirty business a little cleaner. As well as being kinder to the planet, the poo bags are larger than average, extra strong and extra thick - just be careful how you say the name!

After giving FETCH·IT poo bags a few trial runs (no pun intended…) here are our critics’ verdicts:

Honey, South West Canine Critic


My humans love the FETCH·IT poo bags for cleaning up after me! I’m told they are nice and tough, super strong, easy to use, and 100% compostable – fantastic for picking up my poo! 

My humans’ favourite thing about them is that they are nice and thick – I’m told this makes their job far more pleasant (even though I think they are very lucky to get to pick up anything that comes from me), and they are completely leak proof. My pawrents have loved using them and say they are much better than other bags because of how hygienic and durable they feel. 

My most favourite thing about the FETCH·IT poo bags is that they are 100 pawcent compostable and degrade into natural plant products within weeks! As one of Mother Nature’s fur babies, the environment is very impawtent to me, so I’m proud to have my humans use these bags. They are made from corn starch, so I really know they are environmentally friendly.


The FETCH·IT poo bags are very well suited to my humans and I because of our adventurous lifestyle; sometimes when we go on big walks in the mountains or even through the country lanes there are no dog bins for ages! So, these strong, leak-proof bags are ideal when my humans have to carry my poop around for a long time. But they would be great for any humans who want strong, durable poo bags and who are environmentally conscious.  

I am told that my humans would definitely buy these again and have even recommended them to some of my dog friends’ pawrents. Because they are so strong and durable, we have to give them a 10/10, especially considering their 100 pawcent composability!

If you ask me, the FETCH·IT poo bags make picking up my poo even better for my lucky humans. 

Bear, Wales Canine Critic


Let’s talk about poop.

We all do it; some of us doggos (like me) do A LOT of it… It’s only polite that our humans clean up after us but unfortunately, that means that there’s a crazy amount of plastic poo bags polluting our planet – and it’s the only one we’ve got.

That’s why these FETCH·IT bags we were sent are so cool: they’re totally compostable! Unlike alternative biodegradable bags which just break down into smaller plastic pieces after many years, these bags are made from corn starch and degrade into natural plant products in just a few weeks, after use!

Mum really hates single-use plastics so always used to feel bad about bagging up three dogs’ worth of poop when she knew it would just sit inside a bag for hundreds of years. But, she says that THESE ones are definitely the way forward and will help reduce plastic pollution – so I don’t have to feel guilty about pooping so much now (not that it stopped me anyway!)

Although they are designed to break down easily, they’re actually really good quality so you definitely don’t need to worry about them splitting at an inconvenient time. The material is thick enough that it’s not transparent (because no one really wants to see that) and long enough that you can easily tie a knot at the top too!

Rather than having individual loose bags, these ones come in a handy reel so you can take a whole roll of them with you inside a little dispenser. There’s nothing more embarrassing than running out of bags when you are out on a walk, but with these you don’t have to worry!

We give them a 10/10 and would REALLY recommend switching to these compostable bags – they are so much better than standard plastic ones. If we all make little changes like switching to eco-friendly bags, we can help save the planet – one poop at a time. Tell your humans!

Puggy and Pops, London Canine Critics

(written by their human, Charlie)


Now we have used FETCH·IT poop bags, I doubt we will ever use another brand again!

We were kindly sent a box to try and we were very impressed. Like everyone, Pops and Puggy are always looking for ways to reduce their carbon pawprint, and FETCH·IT have thought about our beloved planet every step of the way. 

Made with corn starch, FETCH·IT poo bags are 100% compostable and kind to our planet. They are certified and completely suitable for home composting and even the mail bags they are delivered in are 100% green.


The bags are leak-proof, split-proof and extra-large, so they are suitable for all dogs, ranging from tiny dachshunds like Pops, to pooches way bigger than these two! When Pops and Puggy do their morning business, we actually only need to use one bag between the two, which is brilliant! They have been tested to hold up to 2KG of water, so there’s no chance of any nasty accidents with these bad boys!

We will continue to use these bags with pride, as its paramount for us to be responsible dog owners whilst still being kind to Mother Nature. Big thanks to Canine Cottages for introducing us to this lovely brand with a heart, who we truly believe in!



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