No dog left behind: Canine Critics runners-up 2021 holiday cottages

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No dog left behind: Canine Critics runners-up 2021

Courtney 09 November 2021

After eagerly pawing over all the 50,000 entries for the 2021 Canine Critics’ Awards, we found that the quality of entrants was so high that we were unquestionably chasing our tails trying to choose the ten winners.

But in order for there to be winners, there have to be runners-up. And what a group of second-placed pups we have to showcase. They pushed the winners right to the finish line, and the fact that these magnificent mutts had to settle for second place only goes to show how high the capacity for excellence was in our canine competitors.

So now it’s time to raise the woof and show you the best of the rest: the undeniably amazing runners-up of the esteemed Canine Critics’ Awards 2021.

Fetch the runner-up for each of the following categories:

Runners-up | The Pack

Tarka, Bobbie, Dookie and Lupa

Follow Tarka, Bobbie, Dookie and Lupa at @ourpawsoutdoors

Names: Tarka, Bobbie, Dookie and Lupa

Breeds: Beagle, Labrador, sprocker and Australian shepherd

About: What with being different breeds, it’s paramount that Tarka, Bobbie, Dookie and Lupa all get on. But that was never in doubt when you have such complementary personalities like this pack does. If they’re not out adventuring and looking for new walks, you know that they’re striking a pose for the camera.

Runners-up | The Superstars

Cheddar and Chester

Follow Cheddar and Chester at @cheddarandchester

Names: Cheddar and Chester

Breed: Long-haired miniature dachshund

About: Have you ever seen a cuter pair of doggy twins?! We’re not sure that we have. With short legs but big attitudes – and often matching outfits – Cheddar and Chester are two of the most photogenic pups we’ve ever laid eyes upon…and we’re sure their huge social following thinks so too!

Runners-up | The Rarity


Follow Teddy at @loud_laika

Name: Teddy

Breed: East Siberian Laika

About: A truly extraordinary pup, Teddy is the only East Siberian Laika in the UK, making him one of a kind but far from limited. He lights up any room he enters with merely his presence…and sometimes his noisy enthusiasm. Friendly, adventurous and loyal are three great ways to describe Ted.

Runners-up | The Mini Mutt


Follow Freddie at @freddieschnauzer_

Name: Freddie

Breed: Miniature schnauzer

About: Small dog, huge personality. This happy-go-lucky schnauzer doesn’t get fazed by his size and can barely keep his enthusiasm bottled up inside his diminutive frame. He loves leading the way on walks and finding new and interesting places to sniff, which marries well with his inquisitive and fearless personality.

Runners-up | The Rescue

Badger and Orla

Follow Badger and Orla at @countrymutts_

Names: Badger and Orla

Breeds: Romanian rescue and golden retriever rescue

About: After not having the best start to their lives, Badger and Orla have now found each other (as well as their owners) and couldn’t be happier. Now that they’ve been given a fresh start, they love adventuring together and more often than not, can be found with huge smiles on their faces.

Runners-up | The Bear


Follow Lottie at @lottie_gsd_dog

Name: Lottie

Breed: German shepherd x Dutch herder

About: At not even one year old at the time of writing, Lottie is a German shepherd Dutch herder cross with a lot of heart and even more fur. Sporting the first Canine Critics’ doggy mullet, Lottie loves nothing more than adventuring with her human sisters before curling up in front of a log fire at a dog-friendly pub.

Runners-up | The Siblings

Ruby and Maple

Follow Ruby and Maple at @_settersisters

Names: Ruby and Maple

Breeds: Irish red and white setter and Irish red setter

About: Sister. She is your mirror. Well, not exactly in this case as the luscious coats of Ruby and Maple differ quite clearly. But there’s no doubt they are siblings, sisters in arms, partners in climb(ing). With a rapidly growing social following, we can’t wait to see what these kindred spirits get up to next.

Runners-up | The Helper


Follow Copper at @coppertheassistancerough

Name: Copper

Breed: Rough collie

About: Copper the assistance dog lives for adventure and the outdoors – you’ll understand why when you see the wind swirl through his sumptuous coat of hair! Before he came along, Copper’s mamma didn’t go out much, but now, with the help of this courageous collie, they’re the perfect team and their lives revolve around adventure.

Runners-up | The Hero

River and Wren

Follow River and Wren at @nhu_ecology_dogs

Names: River and Wren

Breeds: Dalmatian and working cocker spaniel

About: These two heroic girls are training to be wildlife detection dogs, making it easier for us humans to quickly and purposefully study and survey hard-to-spot wildlife. River the Dalmatian has overcome breed stereotype and together with Wren, she works on her speed, determination, drive and motivation daily to navigate terrain, all in the name of ecology.

Runners-up | Critics' Choice


Follow Spud at @cockerspud

Name: Spud

Breed: Cocker spaniel

About: Always a favourite in the Canine Cottages office, the Critics’ Choice Award just eluded Spud on this occasion, but only just. We just love his soggy doggy look, and we can tell that he loves to clamber up rocks and paddle in streams. A pup that is well and truly at his happiest when out on his adventures.

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