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Meet our Yorkshire Canine Critic

Ruth 25 July 2019

Penny | Yorkshire

Penny, like all good dogs, has a beautiful disposition and the drive for adventure. Once the runt of the litter, this Barnsley hound isn't so little anymore! She always wants to befriend every living creature big or small; from human to dog, she has limitless love to spare. There is never a dull moment with this goofball: smelling every trail, bounding down every lane and leaping in every puddle - she wants to see and do it all. If Penny approves of somewhere then other dogs are guaranteed to have a blast too. 

If you're keen to see what Penny has been up to in her time as a Canine Critic, check out her first cottage review of The Salty Stack in East Sussex.

Penny at home

Frequently barked questions about Penny

My nickname is...

Pen Pens

My breed is...

Bernese mountain dog. 

What makes me special...

I am the most gentle and loving pup you will ever meet. I make sure people smile everyday and it's my mission to become everyone's best friend.

Penny with owners

When / how I met my human:

I was the runt of the litter and my mum was called last-minute to see if she wanted me. I was too small for ages to go to a new home. It was love and cuddles at first sight and I was brought home at eight weeks old.

Best party trick:

I can do many fancy tricks for my pawrents but I think they are most impressed that I can eat a pig’s ear in 30 seconds. Quick, give me another, I think I can beat that time.

I bark at...

Birds... I can never seem to jump as high as they can?

Penny in bed

Naughtiest/cheekiest habit:

I'm apparently not allowed on the new velvet sofa. It is very comfy though...

Favourite walk:

Brimham Rocks! It has endless nooks and crannies to sniff and rocks to climb! My favourite!

Penny with a leaf

My best friend is...

Other than my pawrents, it has to be Grandad Ken. We are partners in crime and he sneaks me all the best snacks when the pawrents aren't looking.

One other thing you should know about me...

I am missing half of one toe and mum says it looks like a velociraptor claw. I also have webbed feet, which dad says is ironic because I am really not a fan of swimming.

Penny on a walk

We can't wait to see what Penny sniffs out on her dog-friendly cottage break - until then, you can pick up your dog and bone and hit 'follow' on her Instagram page.

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