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Meet our Midlands Canine Critic

Ruth 25 July 2019

Woody | The Midlands

Woody is a real head-turner and spreads love wherever he goes in the West Midlands. If he doesn't steal your heart within 0.25 seconds of meeting him, he will definitely steal your shoe. Woody has a real thirst for adventure, from climbing mountains to exploring creeks. He usually does all of this with a spring in his step and his tongue hanging out from the side of his mouth. His friends describe him as "a golden boy with a golden heart" so, if you're ever down or you need someone, just reach for Woody because you've always got a friend in him!

He's now been on his Canine Cottages adventure and for his first assignment visited The Flower Box in Penzance, Cornwall where he got up to all sorts of dog-tastic activities. Why not have a read of his cottage review and feel inspired?

Woody up a mountain

Frequently barked questions about Woody

My nickname is...

Woods, Woodster, Woodrow, Woody Turner, Boots, Handsome, Boyo.

My breed is...

Golden retriever

What makes me special...

I’m a super-puppy. I have special powers ... want to know what they are? Melting hearts. I’ve been doing it since 2017 and I’m pretty good at it. Even those like my hooman’s sister who doesn’t really care for dogs (blasphemy) have now turned into ‘dog people’ - who would have thought it?! Maybe it’s because she has no choice when I sit my big fluffy 30kg butt on her lap and she can’t move. Yeah, I’m still a lap dog and proud!

When / how I met my human:

It was back in October 2017 when I was just 5 weeks old; that’s when they really knew I was the one. I was long-awaited and already ridiculously loved. My hoomans were always drawn to me (black collar) and my brother (green collar) in all of the puppy progress photos they received from the breeders. So, when they came to pick their puppy, I was handed to them first for a puppy cuddle and I guess you could call it our destiny to be together. I was super chill with them and loved being held like a baby - I had them wrapped around my already enormous paw back then. Our first adventures started as ‘You, Me and Woody’ in November 2017 when I travelled to my furever home with them. I’ve never looked back since.

Best party trick:

Since I’ve grown into a big doggo and my head has gotten big and blocky, I’m quite good at balancing things on my head. I mean, I’m not at the stage of balancing a full pint on my head, but never say never. If this fails, my go-to trick is always ‘put ‘em up’ – it never fails to get me the treatos.

Naughtiest/cheekiest habit:

Well, this has got to be sneaking upstairs, stealing socks and coming back downstairs pretending I have nothing in the mouth. Don’t worry, I don’t eat them - it's just my game. I run past my hoomans sheepishly like “nothing to see here!” but then if they ignore me, I parade round and round the room in a circle until one of them takes the sock off me.

Favourite walk:

Woodland walks are by far my favourite. I love exploring the forest and I always lead the way (whilst checking the hoomans are still keeping up with me). I’m desperate to make friends with a squirrel but they keep climbing trees, which I can’t do yet. The best woods are the ones that have water of some sort – a puddle, lake, stream, whatever, I’m not fussy. They are great for a mid-walk refreshment and paddle. We’re lucky where we live to have so many woodland walkies around us, so I get to explore them pretty much every day – lucky me!

My best day would be…

It would start by climbing upstairs and onto the hoomans’ bed to let them know it's morning and, more importantly, time for the best meal of the day… breakfast! After breakfast and my mid-morning nap, we would all jump (or get carried) into the car and make our way to the beach. We would be meeting up with all my golden pals and some honorary golden retrievers too. At the beach, we would chase each other, swim and have the best time ever. After the beach, we would go to the pub and get loads of attention and treatos, then make our way home to chill out by the fire and enjoy more snoozes and dream of doing it alllll over again tomorrow.

My best friend is...

If I had to narrow it down to just one I would struggle, because I have two - Tahoe and Willow. Tahoe (@tahoegsd) is actually my next-door neighbour. Since Tahoe and I became friends, so did our hoomans. It’s pretty cool actually - the power of dogs, eh?! I put my digging skills to the test and dug a really big hole under the fence between our gardens so we can say hello to each other; there's enough room for both of our snoots to kiss each other goodnight. My other best friend is none other than Willow (@willow.thegoldenretriever). From the nonstop kissing to the constant ear tugging - one could say it's puppy love. Willow is one of the most patient doggos I’ve ever met and she never gets annoyed with all of the kisses that I give her (in fact, I’m sure she secretly loves it). Willow and I have already been on holiday together, days out and had trips to the pub closer to home. We document all of our adventures with this hashtag so feel free to check it out - #TheAdventuresOfWillowAndWoody.

One other thing you should know about me...

I've met (and kissed) Noel Fitzpatrick, The Supervet!!!! Best. Day. Ever!

We can't wait to see what Woody sniffs out on his dog-friendly cottage break - until then, you can pick up your dog and bone and hit 'follow' on his Instagram page

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