The Pawfessionals: A Day in the Life of a Guide Dog for a Blind Dog holiday cottages

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The Pawfessionals: A Day in the Life of a Guide Dog for a Blind Dog

Toby & Amos, North West Canine Critics 10 March 2020

Disclaimer: Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information at the time of writing, please ensure you check carefully before making any decisions based on the contents within this article.

Welcome Toby the Wonder Dog, who we lined up for an exclusive interview for our working dogs series called ‘The Pawfessionals’. We celebrate hard working, four-pawed pals like Toby that love their jobs and make change come about through their daily pursuits. Toby is a guide dog for his blind pal Amos and this is his story.

Toby & Amos dossier

Name of dog

Toby (the Wonder Dog)

Dog job description

Guide dog for a blind dog, therapy dog & Canine Critic

Name of human/boss


We asked Toby to give us the lowdown on a typical day in his dog’s life.

Toby & Amos

Dog diary

As every day is a working day for me, (don’t worry though, I get plenty of downtime even though I’m a workaholic) I thought I would pick my favourite kind of day, Friday is my favourite day. Momma doesn’t go to her job so we have a day together and I help her care for Amos and do jobs at home!

7:00am – We usually get up at about 6:30am. We are both princes and have to be carried down the stairs; I have an old spinal injury so although I LOVE climbing, I have to be careful when climbing down things. Amos cannot walk down the stairs he can’t fathom the downwards leg motions.

9:00am – Usually by 9:00am we have been walking for a little while, getting our miles in and exploring, either locally or on a more exciting adventure.

11:00am – At about this time we are usually still out walking, we do a little bit of training on each walk, either fun games like recalls, tricks or doggy parkour, occasionally boring stuff like loose lead walking and no matter what training we do, I always make sure that I am looking out for Amos, guiding him on less familiar walks and making sure he doesn’t bash his head into anything!!

1:00pm – This would be when I would get ready for my second job as a therapy dog! Momma has to make sure I’m not too mucky when she puts my uniform on (I have a special collar, bandanna and a lead). I then visit a local care home to spread cheer and smiles to all the residents. Amos stays home whilst me and Momma go and visit our friends in the home and once I have done my visits, I get a well-deserved nap! 

3:00pm – This is prime afternoon nap time - sometimes we snuggle, sometimes we nap separately. I like to use Amos as a cushion/hot water bottle occasionally, other times, I prefer my own space. Amos is happy to nap wherever and whenever so he doesn’t mind which I choose!  

5:00pm – I like to help Momma with some household tasks. If she is tidying I like to sit and offer moral support; if she is cleaning I like to keep her company and offer hints and tips; if she’s cooking I like to supervise. Sometimes Amos and I accompany her to the shop and usually she buys us something nice each! She is a good human!

7:00pm – Usually at this time we would be relaxing with the humans snacking on something delicious, we LOVE our Licki Mats with Pate or a hairy ear to chomp on!

9:00pm – We are usually starting to think about going to bed at this time or we might stay up late if we don’t have an early adventure planned the next day but usually after such a busy day an early night is perfect!

11:00pm – FAST ASLEEP – catching up on our beauty sleep, dreaming about the next adventure, snacking and playing!

Toby and Amos

A few other extra little treat questions

If you could create your own job title, what would it be?

King Toby, Toby the Magnificent, or maybe Sir Toby has a nice ring to it?

What time do you wake up for work and where?

We usually all wake up at 6:00am-ish, snooze the alarm until 6:15 and then go about our day!

What’s guaranteed to make you spring out of bed?

If anyone utters the word “ADVENTURE” or “WALKIES”

What do you eat for breakfast/lunch/dinner?

We usually only eat an evening meal, but we get plenty of snacks throughout the day, something to keep us busy (usually it’s a frozen hoof) along with snacks on our adventures.

What’s your favourite walkies spot and how many daily walks do you get?

I am very lucky, as an adventure dog I get to explore many, many places with my Momma and Amos; we have a really lovely local walk that includes woodlands and fields to run around in. We usually have three walks per day, one first thing and a few others dotted throughout the day.

What time do you start work, and where do you work?

For my different jobs I have different start times:

  • Guide dog for a blind dog - I usually start looking after Amos as soon as we wake up.
  • Therapy dog – This is usually an afternoon jaunt that begins about 2:00pm and I visit a couple of different local care homes.
  • Canine Critic – well this one is just a permanent state of being!

Toby & Amos

What does a typical day at work involve?

Looking after Amos, helping Momma with chores, napping, snacking and when Momma works from home I like to help her do emails and make important phone calls.

What do you love most about your job?

I love spending time with my humans and looking after Amos. I enjoy being a helpful hound and like to make sure I don’t miss out on any of the action!!

What’s the most stressful part of your day?

I like to make sure that my pal Amos is safe at all times; I tend to stand between him and other dogs becauses he doesn’t speak the language – it's more difficult if you can’t read others’ body language!  When people see Momma pop us on leads and still let their dogs run at us, that’s when I feel stressed out. 

What do you do to unwind after work?

I like to go for a nice relaxing walk after work, do lots of sniffing or do some scent games in the garden or around the house. Sometimes if we’ve been really busy, I will just have a little nap once I clock off for the day!

Toby & Amos

What are your future career goals?

Prime Minister or the King of England, a Duke at the very least. Every day I strive for world domination – I’ll just have to see where I end up!

Tell us a fun fact about yourself…

I really, really like eating frozen carrots. They’re amazing. Also, my favourite party trick is skateboarding!

Is there anything else you think we should know?

Although I do work very hard I also have LOTS of fun. I love looking after Amos, Momma says that I am a mother hen and that I’m obsessed with keeping him clean.

Thanks for reading all about my busy work schedule, I think it is time for a biscuit!

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