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If your dog had an Instagram account

Hannah 17 January 2018

If dogs had an Instagram account

I’ve gotten hold of your shoes and run off with that snack you were about to enjoy. But now I have my paw on your phone, and this Instagram app sure looks interesting!

Everyone is always waxing on about that “dog’s life,” so I’m going to give you a peek at what it’s really all about. From exploring sunny Italy to enjoying the comforts of home, I’m pretty sure I have what it takes to become the next four-legged phenom on Instagram.

Ready to go

Ready to go - If your dog had an Instagram account

Leash, guidebook, and favourite treats? Check. I’m not sure if I’ve mastered the art of the flat-lay, yet, but practice makes perfect. Hopefully I have everything I need for this Italian adventure. There just isn’t much out there about what a pooch should pack!


Tintamarresque - If your dog had an Instagram account

Tintama-what? I wasn’t sure about this strange practice of sticking your head through a hole and taking a picture, but it was fun! For a moment I ceased being Ollie and became the mythical Capitoline Wolf. Let’s be serious though – no one would mistake this face for a serious wolf.

Follow me to...

Follow me to... - If your dog had an Instagram account

Humans seem to think they’re the bosses, but have you ever noticed that the dogs are always in the lead? I thought this was a mighty fine-looking Roman tree, but my owner didn’t agree. Instead of getting some relief, I ended up with a history lesson.

Row the boat

Row the boat - If your dog had an Instagram account

Oh, how the tables have turned. I bet “working like a dog” takes on a new meaning when a human has to do it. He paddled me through the canals of Venice and boy, was it nice to give my tired paws a rest and take in the scenery.

Cheers to that

Cheers to that - If your dog had an Instagram account

The usual water bowl isn’t much to look at, but this? This is something to write home about. As if the Italian scenery wasn’t enough, these fun-loving (and famous!) locals took an interest in my accent and took me out for drinks. I’ll have to invite them to visit England sometime...

A taste of home

A taste of home - If your dog had an Instagram account

There’s no place like home! I’m feeling refined after that jaunt to Europe, and the old kibble at home just wasn’t cutting it for dinner. A night out with some of Plymouth’s finest cuisine is just what I needed. But after all this food, I’ll need to take the long way back to the house.

Hot dog legs

Hot dog legs - If your dog had an Instagram account

Hot dog legs… literally. After a hot day at Porthcurno beach, this pup is parched. That beautiful, turquoise water was just too good for me to resist. And while it was great for cooling off and splashing in the waves, it was a bit too salty for my taste.

Been there, done that

Been there, done that - If your dog had an Instagram account

We both enjoyed St Michael’s Mount, but my post got more likes than the human’s! I was barred from the castle and had a great time sniffing around the village green and exploring the harbour, instead. Swimming back across the causeway looked like fun, but that darn leash ruined my plan. Maybe next time.

Jumping for joy

Jumping for joy - If your dog had an Instagram account

Sometimes I jump for toys and treats, but this time it’s for pure joy. That regular afternoon walk route was getting a bit old. But Dartmoor National Park? That’s more my style. Between the water, the ponies and the amazing scenery, the human is going to have a hard time enticing me back to the local park.

Well, there it is – a look into a dog’s life. Contrary to popular belief, we pooches do more than just sleep and eat. We like exploring just as much as you do! Although, I should probably give this phone back now…

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