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The UK's top dog-friendly beaches

Elianne Reed 24 August 2023

Here at Canine Cottages, our dogs have the same rights to an amazing holiday as we do. And what better place to do this than along the beautiful sandy beaches of our sunny isles? 

We've sniffed out some of the very best beaches from around the UK for you and your family to enjoy. Some beaches do have dog access restrictions during the summer, but we didn’t want you to miss out on some lovely walks for that reason, especially if there are dog-friendly zones at the same location. Therefore, we've tried to give you the most up-to-date information - but do double check local websites before you go as these restrictions can change!

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Dog-friendly beaches in the South West

Woolacombe Beach to Putsborough, Devon

Woolacombe dog-friendly beach in North Devon

The bustling seaside resort of Woolacombe is where you will witness the North Devon coast welcoming the gentle Atlantic waves to its sandy shores. The simply stunning 3-mile sandy beach, situated in between Morte Point and Baggy Point, is the focal point of the area and perfect for walking.

Popular with surfers, you may even see a sea-faring dog on a board in shallow waters but don’t embarrass your pooch by suggesting they have a go! The beach is perfectly separated into three zones - no dogs, dogs on leads and mad dogs running free – we know which end we’d rather be at! Discover even more of the Devon coast with our ultimate guide to dog-friendly beaches in Devon.

Good to know

  • Vibe: Laid-back and ‘surfy’
  • Canine control: Restrictions April-November in Zone A (no dogs), May-October in Zone B (dogs on leads) and nothing in Zone C (dogs free as the wind). Putsborough has its own zone segmentation too.
  • Lifeguard: Yes (May-October) however the lifeguarded section of the beach is predominantly the section where dogs are banned in the summer
  • In addition: Nearby cafes, restaurants and shops, disabled facilities, first aid, toilets, dog bins, parking, tourist information, water sports available including jet-skiing, sailing, surfing, windsurfing

Weymouth Beach, Dorset

Weymouth dog friendly beach in Dorset

This traditional seaside town, complete with pier, offers an award-winning 3-mile crescent of sand and shingle. The beach has inviting, shallow waters to dip warm paws in and Punch and Judy shows in the summer for children.

They do have summer fireworks so make sure that your dog is kept away and watch out for the beach volleyball if you have a dog that likes to get involved. Nobody wants to be blamed for the team losing! Check out our ultimate guide to dog-friendly beaches in Dorset to discover more about the county.

Good to know

  • Vibe: Fun and traditional
  • Canine control: Restrictions April-October in main zone (dogs have free access at the Pavilion end)
  • Lifeguard: Yes (May-September)
  • In addition: Nearby cafes, restaurants and shops, disabled facilities, first aid, toilets, park and ride, tourist information, amusements

Porthmeor Beach, Cornwall

Porthmeor dog friendly beach in St Ives, Cornwall

This heavenly Cornish beach, the largest in St. Ives, offers masses of running space for exuberant hounds all through the winter months. With a backdrop of artist’s studios and the Tate St. Ives gallery, this beach, with its colourful changing huts, is only a bone’s throw from the centre of St Ives which has a cool, arty feel and lots of cafes and shops to wander around.

Cuddle up with your canine chum(s) and watch the waves crashing against the rocks in the occasionally strong Atlantic sea winds! Just bear in mind that you may spend the rest of the day brushing out sand from the coat of a long-haired dog - but we think it's worth it. Discover even more of the Cornwall coast with a read of our guide to Cornwall.

Good to know

  • Vibe: Cool
  • Canine control: Restrictions April-October
  • Lifeguard: Yes (April-October)
  • In addition: Nearby cafe, disabled facilities, toilets, first aid, shop, beach chalets for hire, surf school, parking

Brean Beach, Somerset

Brean dog friendly beach in Somerset

The 3 miles of golden sands here will certainly excite any dog who loves an adventure. Walk along the beach and then head up to Brean Down – the views over the sea and countryside all around are magnificent and, if you like a bit of history, have a look around the Iron Age fort.

Keep dogs on leads up here as it can be dangerous at the edges. Word on the street is that there are always tennis balls on the beach left behind by careless pooches, so there is scope for lots of playtime with other doggies. Read our guide to find out even more about Somerset's dog-friendly beaches.

Good to know

  • Vibe: Fun
  • Canine control: None - dogs allowed all year round!
  • Lifeguard: No
  • In addition: Nearby refreshments, shop, disabled facilities, first aid, toilets, parking, watersports

Dog-friendly beaches in Wales

Rhossili Bay Beach, Swansea

Rhossili Bay dog friendly beach near Swansea, Wales

With a mountain of awards to its name and called ‘the supermodel of British beaches’ by The Independent, this beautiful beach has also nabbed the greatest award and the only one that we are interested in – ‘the UK’s no.1 dog-friendly beach’! There are 3 miles of gorgeous golden sands and views across the shimmering Atlantic, with the possibility of catching a glimpse of seals and dolphins splashing in the surf.

Dogs have lots of space to paddle and chase each other on the main beach but do keep them on a lead on the way to the beach as there are grazing sheep on the way down. There is wonderful clifftop walking here as well for dogs on leads; needless to say, canines and cliffs don’t mix, so exercise care! Please note that there are steps on the way down to the beach and no wheelchair access. Uncover even more about the area with our ultimate guide to dog-friendly beaches in North Wales and South Wales.

Good to know

  • Vibe: Appreciative
  • Canine control: None – dogs allowed all year round!
  • Lifeguard: No
  • In addition: Nearby refreshments, shop, disabled facilities, toilets, nearby parking


Freshwater West, Pembrokeshire, Wales

Freshwater West dog friendly beach in Pembrokeshire, Wales

A huge beach backed by an extensive system of dunes, this gorgeous beach even counts on its own freshwater stream for a mid-walk drink. At the southern end of the beach is a rocky reef, whilst at the opposite end, quieter bays can be explored if your dog fancies a bit of ‘me’ time! There is a spectacular walking route with a 9-mile hike to West Angle Bay but it is not for the faint-hearted!

Let your dog run in the shallow waves and dream of becoming a surfer when he grows up. The sunset is breathtaking so why not sit back, forget about your worries and spend some quality time with your best pal? Get to know even more of Pembrokeshire with our handy guide to dog-friendly beaches in Pembrokeshire.

Good to know

  • Vibe: Camper-van cool
  • Canine control: None - dogs allowed all year round!
  • Lifeguard: Yes (summer months)
  • In addition: Cafe, disabled facilities, toilets, parking, watersports

Dog-friendly beaches in Scotland

Luskentyre, Isle of Harris

Luskentyre dog friendly beach on the Isle of Harris in Scotland

If quarantine laws make it too difficult to fly your pooch to Hawaii or Bora Bora, this iconic, wild, unspoilt beach in the Outer Hebrides may be the closest you will get to a tropical island. Green rounded hills dotted with pink rock, and creamy white sands stretching out to sparkling aquamarine seas meet golden eagles swooping down the slope of Ben Luskentyre.

You will both feel a sense of tranquillity and light as you relax away from the crowds at other beaches. Take refuge in the sand dunes where you can spot birds to photograph, including long-tailed ducks, red-breasted mergansers, and oystercatchers – your dog will be kept busy with their nose down one or two of the many rabbit holes. There are so many dog-friendly beaches in Scotland, we've written a guide.

Good to know

  • Vibe: Tropical
  • Canine control: None - dogs allowed all year round!
  • Lifeguard: No
  • In addition: Toilets, nearby free parking, boat trips available

Dog-friendly beaches on the South Coast

West Wittering, West Sussex

West Wittering dog friendly beach near Chichester in West Sussex

This beach is dedicated to preserving the environment and keeping the area clean and is a real pleasure to visit. Not only offering a great expanse of sand but also 20 acres of grass lawn on which to frolic (and picnic), your dog will have a whale of a time here, dipping their paws into the shallow lagoons at low tide.

Brisk winter walks give views of both Chichester Harbour and the famous South Downs (also great for walking). In summer, grab the kids and dogs and take a picnic – let your hound kick back their paws and have a snooze in the sun too. Nobody realises the stresses dogs have to go through on a daily basis at home – hand-served meals, naps, walkies, cuddles… the list is endless!

Good to know

  • Vibe: Respectful
  • Canine control: Restrictions May-October but some zones available all year round (either side of the groynes: 14a-18)
  • Lifeguard: Yes (summer season)
  • In addition: Cafe, shop, limited disabled access, first aid, toilets, dog bins, parking, tourist information, wind and kitesurfing club

Camber Sands, East Sussex

Camber Sands dog friendly beach in East Sussex

A long stretch of golden sand wraps around the coast here to the shingle desert of Dungeness. It's hugely popular with surfers, and paradise for dogs in winter where at low tide they can run and run. During the summer, they are also welcome in restricted areas but it is such a huge beach that you will always find somewhere.

Near to the ancient Cinque Port town of Rye, which also counts on many dog-friendly cafes and pubs, this beautiful beach lined by sand dunes ticks all the boxes for the holidaying hound. Find out even more about Sussex with our ultimate guide to dog-friendly beaches in Sussex.

Good to know

  • Vibe: Surfy and laid-back
  • Canine control: Restrictions May-October in main zone but access in other zones
  • Lifeguard: No 
  • In addition: Nearby beach cafes and shops, disabled facilities, first aid, toilets, dog bins, parking


Kingsgate Bay, Kent

Kingsgate Bay dog friendly beach in Kent

Kingsgate Bay is a sheltered sandy cove backed by imposing white chalk cliffs with sea caves thought to be amongst the best in the country. With a smuggling history, like much of this coast, you can have an adventure of your very own, exploring the little caves and rock pools.

Great for quiet walks, access can be limiting because of its natural paths but there is a more formal path as well. Walk through the gap in the chalk cliffs to get to Botany Bay when the tide is out – bear in mind that the beach is cut off at both ends when the tide is in. Encounter Kent with your dog, but read our ultimate guide to dog-friendly beaches in Kent first.

Good to know

  • Vibe: Adventurous
  • Canine control: None - dogs allowed all year round!
  • Lifeguard: No
  • In addition: Nearby cafe and pub, parking, beach hut hire

Dog-friendly beaches in the East of England

Holkham, Norfolk

Holkham dog friendly beach in Norfolk

There is only one word to describe Holkham Beach and that is ‘magical’. Sand dunes stretching for miles with beautiful coloured skies above, it really is the most perfect beach for a walk. As one of the most important sites in the UK and looked after by Natural England, the Holkham National Nature Reserve deserves a mention – just bear in mind that there are nesting birds and so nosy canines should be kept under control!

To reach the main beach, you will go down a boardwalk and encounter some mud, but persevere – what lies beyond is worth the wait. When the tide is out, expanses of hard sand make this no work at all for dogs, so those pooches suffering from hip and leg problems shouldn’t find the sand too difficult. The copious sand dunes and pine forests have natural paths that you can follow but, if it is too hot to walk, set up camp for the day in the sand dunes with an umbrella for shade. Discover even more of Norfolk with our ultimate guide to dog-friendly beaches in Norfolk.

Good to know

  • Vibe: Magical
  • Canine control: Restricted areas in summer and nesting time
  • Lifeguard: Yes (summer season)
  • In addition: Nearby beach cafe and shop, disabled facilities, first aid, toilets, parking

Sutton-on-Sea, Lincolnshire

Sutton-on-Sea, Lincolnshire

Despite its proximity to great attractions, you can enjoy a feeling of serenity when you step foot on this beautiful dog-friendly Lincolnshire beach. It offers miles of sand for leaving footprints and pawprints behind as you roam along the shoreline and run from the lapping waves, and space for laying out a blanket or towel where you can settle in for a picnic on the beach with the pup - just don’t forget the dog biscuits! 

After lazy beach days, the town behind offers places to eat with your dog and shops that members of your party may like to pop into while someone holds the lead and keeps the family pet company. Around 3,000 years ago, the remains of a forest were submerged by the sea and sand, however, erosion along this coast has led to the forest remains being exposed and you can spot them at very low tide, so time your visit right to glimpse this piece of history. Study up on Lincolnshire with our ultimate guide to dog-friendly beaches in Lincolnshire.

Good to know

  • Vibe: Remote and wild
  • Canine control: Dogs are not allowed on the central beach between 1st May – 30th September. Pups welcome on leads in other areas during these summer months. 
  • Lifeguard: Yes (summer months)
  • In addition: Seafront cafes and a restaurant, shops, parking, toilets, crazy golf/putting

Dog-friendly beaches in the North of England

Runswick Bay, Yorkshire

Runswick Bay dog friendly beach in North Yorkshire

Open to dogs all year round, this picture-postcard sheltered bay is well worth a visit. The cliffs at Kettleness Point are shaped like a crocodile’s head and local folklore has it that it gobbles up sailors at night! As you walk the beach, you can admire the pretty red-roofed cottages that gaze down onto the beach.

Let your dog join you in searching the rock pools and fossil hunting, just make sure he doesn’t venture out towards the crocodile! There is quite a steep descent down into the bay which you may need to save some energy for to walk back up! Before your visit, why not read our ultimate guide to dog-friendly beaches in Yorkshire?

Good to know

  • Vibe: Relaxing
  • Canine control: None - dogs allowed all year round!
  • Lifeguard: No
  • In addition: Nearby cafe and pub, toilets, parking

Formby, Lancashire

Formby dog friendly beach near Liverpool in Lancashire

One of the only beaches on the Sefton Coast without seasonal restrictions on dog access, Formby has three self-filling water bowls, dog bags on request, and woodland picnic areas to stop for a well-deserved lunch.

Whiz over the dunes down onto the expanse of sand – in the evening, the sunset is spectacular and you can walk for miles when the tide is out (be mindful of very fast-moving tides). Coastal pinewoods surround this lovely beach, just be aware of wildlife (including rare red squirrels) and livestock, so keep the pooch under control. Take a look at our helpful guide to Lancashire.

Good to know

  • Vibe: Doggy heaven
  • Canine control: None - dogs allowed all year round!
  • Lifeguard: Yes (summer months)
  • In addition: Nearby refreshments, disabled facilities, toilets, parking, tourist information

Alnmouth, Northumberland

Alnmouth dog friendly beach in Northumberland

Sometimes you just want to escape to a quiet beach with your dog and nobody else. When you feel like this, Alnmouth is the perfect place for you both.

Miles of golden sand and sea invite you to keep walking until you can walk no more. Come back and settle down with a hot chocolate and watch the waves lapping against the shore. Find out where to visit with your trusty pooch in our guide to dog-friendly Northumbria.

Good to know

  • Vibe: Unruffled
  • Canine control: None - dogs allowed all year round!
  • Lifeguard: No
  • In addition: Nearby cafe, toilets, parking

Seaham, County Durham

Seaham dog friendly beach in County Durham

The Durham coast is the place to go if amazing views mixed with wildlife is your thing. Dogs and humans head for the lively harbour town of Seaham when they want a special day out exploring – the rugged coastline sets off the beach perfectly and counts on a long sea wall that protects the cliffs from the dangerous North Sea. For something a little different, visit the harbour and finish with fish and chips on the beach – no dog will refuse a sausage or two!

Another point worth visiting is Seaham Hall, and don’t leave without paying tribute to the First World War statue, Tommy – you will not fail to be moved. For a spot of history, visit the St. Mary the Virgin church, one of the oldest in the country dating back to the 7th century.

Good to know

  • Vibe: Rugged
  • Canine control: None - dogs allowed all year round!
  • Lifeguard: No
  • In addition: Nearby pub and cafes, toilets, nearby parking

Drigg Beach, Cumbria

Drigg dog friendly beach near Ravenglass in the Lake District, Cumbria

Take a relaxing stroll along this tranquil beach from Ravenglass to Drigg – a great place to let your dog stretch his paws. Please bear in mind that the dunes are full of wildlife, so keep them under control. Early morning walks are best for the solitary pooch – you are unlikely to see anyone within miles.

Look inland and you will enjoy beautiful views of the Lake District mountains and fells, the Isle of Man to the west on a clear day, and the cliffs of St. Bees Head to the north. Find out where to visit with your four-legged friend with our guide to dog-friendly beaches in Cumbria.

Good to know

  • Vibe: Remote
  • Canine control: None - dogs allowed all year round!
  • Lifeguard: No
  • In addition: Parking

Handy tips for beach days with your doggy

We know that if you are reading this, you are a loving owner with experience, so we don’t want to give a long list of rules and regulations that you will have already thought about. However, here’s a short list of a few things that no pooch owner will mind being reminded about:

  • Hot days and hot dogs do not go together – leave walks for early morning and evening.
  • Take care with tides – the only thing worse than being stranded is being stranded with a dog.
  • Keep dogs under control around children, wildlife and livestock.
  • Cliff edges are nearer than you think – keep canines on leads.
  • Only allow dogs to bathe in shallow waters – currents can be deceiving.
  • Never, ever leave your dog alone in a car (no matter what the weather is doing).
  • Do not follow your dogs into the sea or rough water, they generally get out of trouble more easily than us.

Dog-friendly beach holidays

Whether you're planning on miles of walks along the sand or simply splashing in the sea, there are a whole host of pet-friendly beaches across the UK that welcome both you and your canine chum. Stay by the sea at our dog-friendly coastal cottages where you'll be just a few paw prints from the sand and sea.

Disclaimer: Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information at the time of writing, please ensure you check carefully before making any decisions based on the contents within this article.

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