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Enjoy the summer season with Sure Petcare

Ruth 14 July 2020

Us humans love to enjoy the Great British summer and our four-legged best friends are no different; the longer days mean more time for adventures where they can run free, sniff out new places and explore to their hearts’ content. 

It’s quite normal for the summer season to see an increase in activity for our furry friends, but how do we know when they’re getting too much, or not enough, activity?  

Dog yoga

Our furiends at Sure Petcare want to help us get a better understanding of our pup’s health and wellbeing so we can make sure they’re in top-dog shape all summer long. With the Animo activity monitor, you can not only track your dog’s activity but also keep an eye on how many calories they’re burning, ensure they’re getting enough naps and learn more about behavioural traits like shaking and scratching – ideal for identifying any seasonal pests!  

We picked up the dog and bone to chat to the nice humans at Sure Petcare, who have also offered an 20% discount on the Animo activity and behaviour monitor for our Canine Club members - sign up here to receive your exclusive discount code. 

Why is Animo great for the summer season? 

Dog in summer

Activity levels are bound to be different in the summer season with early morning and late evening walks a possibility thanks to longer days, and the warmer weather meaning our routines may shift.  

Animo helps keep track of how much activity your dog is getting each day, so you can be sure they’re getting enough exercise to keep them happy and healthy, and also be able to watch out for problems such as overheating as the temperatures soar.  

Not only this, but the Animo is waterproof so it’s suitable for the saltiest of sea dogs; it weighs just 22 grams so it won’t hamper your hound down on his summer adventures and, with a six-month battery life, the Great British summer will long be over before it needs a recharge! 

Why is it important to monitor dogs’ activity? 

Dog in field

With the lives of us humans becoming increasingly busy, it’s hard to keep track of how much activity your pup gets each day. But, just like humans, dogs need plenty of exercise to stay happy and healthy, so it’s really important to keep an eye on your pet’s activity to ensure they’re in top condition. 

The Animo activity and behaviour monitor mounts onto your dog’s collar and records their activity all day long. So, whether they’re running around, taking naps or even if you’ve left them with a pet sitter, you’ll know if they’re getting enough – or too much – exercise. 

Not only this, but you can set activity goals which is brilliant for preventing obesity as well as keeping your dog stimulated. Plus, you can track changes over time so if your pup seems a bit lethargic, it might be an indication they’re feeling dog rough.  

How can Animo enhance a dog walk? 

Dog walk

Even on a 30-minute walk, it can be hard to tell how much exercise your pup is actually getting. Maybe you’re walking slowly together in a straight line, or perhaps your dog is zooming off-lead through a field, chasing anything that moves!  

Animo monitors your dog’s activity each day, so you can check they’re getting enough exercise overall. As well as this, the ability to set daily goals means that you can adjust your walk to meet your pup’s exercise needs, and it also adjusts for breed, age and weight too. An old hound might need a slightly longer walk to hit their goals, whereas an energetic breed like a springer spaniel might only need a short run around the block (although try telling them that!) 

Animo can also help you keep an eye on your pup’s post-walk health. For example, the sleep tracking function might alert you to your dog’s painful joints after a long walk if they’re not getting enough shut-eye, while the scratching function will let you know if your dog’s itchier than usual, indicating they might be sensitive to something in the environment in which you’re walking them.  

Do you have any tips for dogs in the hot weather? 

Dog in hot weather

When the weather is warm in the summer months, it’s important to scale down your dog’s exercise regime so they don’t get too hot. There are lots of ways of doing this – from taking your dog for their walk in the early morning or late evening when it’s cooler, to involving water in your dog’s exercise routine which is not only good for them, but fun too!  

By using the Animo activity and behaviour monitor, you can track how much exercise your dog is getting per day and compare it with how happy they appear. If they seem tired from the heat, you can adjust the amount of exercise they get to work out the perfect amount. 

And if you see your dog panting more than usual during a walk, make sure you bring your pup indoors to cool them down with plenty of water and chilled treats – food frozen into ice cubes will do that trick!  

Sniff out new adventures this summer and explore a whole new season of walkies with a stay in one of our paw-friendly holiday cottages. Take a look at our full collection here

Disclaimer: Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information at the time of writing, please ensure you check carefully before making any decisions based on the contents within this article.

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