Dogpelganger: The UK’s ultimate dog-lookalike revealed! holiday cottages

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Dogpelganger: The UK’s ultimate dog-lookalike revealed!

Simon L 28 October 2019

You know that old saying, that owners look like their dogs (or vice versa!)? Well, it’s true!

Since September, we’ve been on the hunt for the UK’s best DOGpelganger - the doggy duo that looks most alike. After more than 400 entries, we ended up with a final shortlist of 50 photos - a fantastic mixture of like-for-like beards, matching outfits and identical hairstyles.

It was then over to you, Joe Public, to choose the UK’s ultimate dog-lookalike. After more than 4,500 votes, the winner is...


The pair have an incredible story, sharing the same heterochromia iridis (two different coloured eyes) as each other. We were amazed by their photo, and it seems as though the majority of you were too, voting them as their favourite dog lookalikes!

They win £500 to put towards their next Canine Cottages holiday.

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That’s not all though - we were so impressed with the number of entrants and their likeness of their four-legged friend we’ve decided to name two runners-up! Congrats to Adrian-Paul and Thunder the woolly Siberian husky in second place and Paul and Georgia the Dandie Dinmont terrier in third - there’s a package of goodies on their way to you.

Read on to see the UK’s top 10 Dogpelgangers (dog lookalikes):

1. Lorren and Loki

2. Adrian-Paul and Thunder

3. Paul and Georgia

4. Lucy and Leo

5. Claire, Dale, Pepsi and Domino

6. Michelle and Chino