Green & Wild’s natural dog food and treats: Canine Critics review holiday cottages

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Green & Wild’s natural dog food and treats: Canine Critics review

Canine Critics 29 January 2020

Our Canine Critics are a socially responsible bunch who are always keen to reduce their carbon pawprint. And with the demanding schedule that comes with being dogfluencers, our pack are always on the lookout for natural, healthy treats to keep them looking their best – showing off their glossy fur and shiny eyes on the ‘gram goes paw in paw with being Critics, after all!

So, it’s no surprise that three of our Canine Critics almost bit our hands off when we asked them to review products from Green & Wild’s, which produces natural snacks and treats for dogs… and cats. Eww.

After working their way through goodie bags stacked full of 100% natural chews, treats and toys, here’s what our Canine Critics thought:

Bear, Wales Canine Critic

Beef Jerky Chews

Bear beef

Oh boy, when I saw these sitting on the side, I knew I was in for a REAL treat! Beef jerky is one of my all-time favourite snacks and these ones are 100% natural, so I don’t even have to count the calories! What’s great about them is that they’re not processed, they don’t contain any artificial colours or preservatives and they help maintain healthy joints – which is super important for me with my new hips! Mum worries a lot about the quality of my food, so she was really pleased to read how important it is to Green & Wild’s too.

As soon as my human opened the packet, I was there like a shot! Taste-wise, I thought they were absolutely delicious – and they were pretty stinky, which I figured was a definite bonus. Mum disagreed though; she shouted: “Eww, get that out of my face!” when I offered her a bite… but I guess you can’t please everyone.

Although they are quite big for treats, my little brother (a Shih Tzu) enjoyed them just as much as I did – so, I’d say they are suitable for all breeds. They’re pretty tough and take a fair bit of chewing so can keep small dogs like my brother quiet for ages, but I made short work of mine and devoured it within a few minutes! Mum approved of them because they kept me out of trouble for a good… five minutes!

They are perfect alternatives to chewy treats such as raw hide because they’re safer and, frankly, much tastier! We think they make the perfect snack so we rate them a 11/10 and would 100% recommend them to a furriend. I could have easily eaten the whole packet in one go if no one was looking but, unfortunately, I had several witnesses.

Olive the Octopus eco dog toy

Bear olive

Canine Cottages sent me an Olive the Octopus toy to play with and review and I could not wait to get my paws on it. Trust me when I say I took my job seriously… I was VERY thorough (Mum said maybe too thorough!) 

I loved it – the rope tentacles were perfect for playing tug of war and swinging it around. They’re also ideal for whacking your humans across the legs with when they’re being boring and are watching TV instead of you! The bottle inside was my favourite part though – I loved crunching it up and trying to make as MUCH noise as possible with it! It entertained me for hours and I had a great time running around the garden with it in my mouth.

The label said that the toy was made out of natural, sustainable and recyclable materials, which was great news as Mum always appreciates eco-friendliness in products. We get through A LOT of toys in our household (work hard, play harder, am I right?), so it’s great to know that when I do eventually wear it into the ground, its parts will either biodegrade or be recycled into my next one!

Although I really loved Olive, it only took me about 30 minutes to chew off a tentacle – so it was a good job she had seven others! Having said that, it is a really sturdy and top-quality toy so I think it would be perfect and last a long time for most dogs. However, it’s probably a good idea if dogs who have *ahem* slightly destructive tendencies, are watched carefully just in case they get a little carried away – like I did! Mum says I’m a serial toy killer, but I think she’s being a bit dramatic. I just wanted to get the bottle out from inside so I could recycle it!

I would give this toy a solid 9/10 and definitely recommend it because its great fun to play with! The only drawback is that I chewed through the materials quite quickly but maybe that’s just me – I do play roughly. I bet it would have a much longer life expectancy normally!

Chicken Liver Treats

Bear chicken

Doing treats reviews is one of my favourite things to do. Mum says I make the perfect taste tester because of how fussy I am; if something gets the paws up from me, you know it’s good! I was supposed to sample just a few of Green & Wild’s chicken and liver heart treats but I ended up snatching them out of Mum’s hand and running off with the pack – luckily, there were plenty inside to go around.

I’m usually very particular about my training treats (they’ve got to be worth my time and effort after all!) but I found these ones heckin’ tasty and so did my little brother who also pinched a couple. Sometimes, when my humans buy me training treats, they have to break them in half to make them stretch further but these ones were just the right size. They are small enough that I can have several in a short space of time, but big and yummy enough to keep me interested!

Mum also approved of them because they were so healthy – they’re grain free and liver rich! She also loved that the packaging was largely paper and recyclable, unlike a lot of plastic treat wrappers in the shops. I thought it was great too because she let me tear it up and lick the packet clean!

I think they make excellent bribes, I mean rewards, for any dog. They’re really yummy so they’ll appeal to even the fussiest of pooches and because they’re actually good for us, the humans tend to be more generous with them too. I would encourage everyone to try them. We found that they are perfect for training and an ideal size for giving little and often. I rate them 10/10 and will certainly be looking out for them in the pet shop!

Penny, Yorkshire Canine Critic

(by her human, Danielle)


What can I say… the dribble in anticipation speaks for itself!

Penny was given two treat packs to try from Green & Wild’s and both shot down her gullet faster than you can say “catch!” A particular favourite was the Plaice Fillets – these tasty treats may be pungently fishy but are great for teeth and coat condition. Penny enjoyed them so much we had to purchase her a second bag.

Penny treat

Once Penny had polished off her plaice it was onto the Lucky Duckies sticks. These sticks were not only delicious, in Penny’s eyes, but also could be broken up into small pieces for use as training treats. For smaller dogs, these could also be used as chews!

Lastly, Penny was given Peggy the Pig, a small toy made from recycled materials. Not only was this toy eco-friendly but was also hardwearing against her sharp teeth. Penny isn’t the kind of dog to rip her toys but she easily punctures them and so far, albeit slightly muddy, Peggy is still alive!

Willow & Bobby, North East Canine Critics

(by their human, Lynn)

Willow & Bobby

When we were asked by Canine Cottages to review some of Green & Wild's products, the first thing we noticed is the look and feel of their packaging and how it barks goodness, healthiness and eco-friendliness.

Beef Jerky Chews

Well what can we say about these.... honestly speaking, we've never bought these before and when you open the packet, be prepared: they absolutely stink! Every time we’ve opened the packet, we've had such a laugh as a family – especially at our 14-year-old daughter, who runs away screaming.

Not Willow and Bobby however, they literally go green and wild as soon as the packet rattles. They absolutely love them – anyone who owns a spaniel will know: the smellier the better!

It was good to know that the chews are 100% natural and a great alternative to raw hide as well as being a natural tooth cleaner. They also contain chondroitin which is a bonus as both Willow and Bobby are extremely active and the health of their joints is very important.

Willow & Bobby 2

Love Treats

Everything about these treats shows you exactly how much love and thought goes into the products Green & Wild’s make. These cute, heart-shaped treats boast a full list of healthy ingredients. In their 'zip-it' packet to keep them fresh (as were the beef jerky chews, thank goodness), these lovely little hearts are pawfect for when we are out walking or to use as training treats. Grain-free and rich in liver, they were another firm favourite of our special spaniel duo. 

Ronnie the Rhino eco dog toy

Green & Wild’s also has a range of eco-friendly dog toys. With Willow being ball-obsessed (and not really bothered about anything else) it was clear that Bobby would be given the role of chief toy tester.

Ronnie is made from recycled materials and is 100% biodegradable. Even the replaceable, plastic bottle inside his body, that gives this toy added fun, is a recycled bottle. However, we were interested to see how Ronnie would withstand the jaws of Bobby! He currently has no ears left but other than that he is still going strong.

Bobby loves to play, and the shape of Ronnie's body makes him good to play tug of war and fetch with. Bobby enjoys strutting around with him in his mouth as well as chewing his rope tail. One extra touch that really impressed us was that for every Ronnie the Rhino sold, Green & Wild’s donates 10p to the "Save the Rhino" fund.

All in all, we have been thoroughly impressed with Green & Wild’s products, especially their treats which get a paws up from both Willow and Bobby. We will definitely be stocking up on more smelly beef jerky chews in the future!

Green & Wild's


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Disclaimer: Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information at the time of writing, please ensure you check carefully before making any decisions based on the contents within this article.

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