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Bark Snacks' Doggie Fish & Chips: Canine Critic Review

Canine Critics 07 February 2020

Can't you just imagine a world where we looked to dogs for our styling tips, interior design choices and fine dining choices? Well, we’ve attempted, in part, to create this doggy-topia with our Canine Critics competition, where our picky pooches weigh up the pros and cons of the delightful products that we send their way. With the help of their human companions we’ve been able to get the ‘lowdown’ straight from the horse’s (ahem, we meant dog’s) mouth.

Next up for our gourmet canine pundits were some boxes of Doggie Fish & Chips made by our good pals at Bark Snacks. Our erstwhile, hungry critics doubled down and munched through a bunch of crunchy treats, then sat back, carefully weighed up their opinions and then got back to us with their thoughts.

Meet the Canine Critics

Read on to learn the outcome of the latest snack/dog interface!

Puggy and Pops, London Canine Critics: "Good food for good dogs on the go!"

(with help from their human, Charlie)

Pops & Puggy

We had heard of Bark Snacks before and always wanted to try them, so we were delighted when these fish and chips-flavoured dog treats arrived!

Packaging wise, it doesn’t get much better than this; it’s simple, yet effective, with all the ingredients and information clearly listed on the back. It's 100 percent recyclable and compostable and it looks hella fancy! The treats are nicely sealed for freshness in a bag inside.

These snacks are manufactured and packaged in the UK, using the finest ingredients that are simply irresistible to dogs! The treats are hypoallergenic and gluten free and the best part, they contain vitamins, minerals and omega 3 and 6 to help keep your dog healthy from snout to tail!

Pops & Puggy!

Pops is a fussy one, so when I saw the treats were bite-sized biscuits, I was doubtful she would even try them, as she has dodgy teeth and tends to only eat soft snacks. But this didn’t stop her! She chomped her way through half the packet when posing for photos and is now sat at my feet begging for more! They gave me peace of mind knowing that little crunch is doing her teeth some good!

Puggy is a greedy boy and will eat most treats, so size-wise, these are spot on! They aren’t too small that he just swallows them without chewing and they aren’t too big either! They make for perfect training treats, and they are super healthy too, which is great for our chunky babe's waistline!

Pops & Puggy

We really love this brand and we carry them in a little pouch when we are out and about on adventures. Both Pops and Puggy respond very well when they hear the pouch rustling, knowing these little delights are inside! They are 150 grams of pure fishy tastiness packed full of goodness so your dog is as happy and healthy as possible! We can’t wait to try out their other flavours!

10 out of 10 – We would definitely munch again!

Barney, South East Canine Critic: "Heavenly treats"


Well… where in the name of cheese do we start? The only way to describe these treats are little drops of heaven. I had just finished a long stagger home from the pub (after Mumma selfishly forgot to bring my Bark Snacks). I delved into my bowl of Fish & Chips; the humans were astonished at how quickly I cleared my bowl because apparently, I have a reputation at home for being Prince Fussy Pants. They are rather tasty!

Mumma was also pleasantly surprised that they are packed full of nutrition that all of us floofy monsters need to stay healthy and handsome! Want to know another awesome fact about them? Well, the outer packaging has been specifically designed to work as a temporary water bowl, it’s also recyclable and compostable. So, next time I’m out on a stroll or down the pub (I swear my humans live down there!!) I’ll be making sure Mumma packs my Bark Snacks because they are too delicious to leave behind!

10 out of 10 – Bon-a-pet-treat! Love, Barney Bear Chow x

Dilbert, East of England Canine Critic: "Like eating a real bag of fish and chips"

(with help from his human, Sian)


Needless to say, Dilbert didn’t need much persuading to test out some new treats. That boy loves a snack, especially a savoury one, and even more so one with fish in it! So, when I saw that he had some Doggie Fish & Chips flavour Bark Snacks to try, I knew they were highly likely to be a hit.

The treats come nicely packaged in a box that looks almost like a little takeaway container - a nice touch, sticking with the fish and chips theme. Dilbert certainly always wants his own portion, so I’m sure these were an acceptable substitute! Inside the box, the treats are in plastic packaging, to keep them fresh, though once I’d opened them, I tipped them out into the box itself.

I’d like to say that Dilbert took his time to carefully consider the flavours and textures and give a thorough and thoughtful review, however in true Dilbert style, it was ‘crunch, crunch’ gone. And then he asked for more. So, all in all, a very positive review in terms of taste, and by all accounts, they’re good and crunchy too!


The size and shape reminded me of kibble, yet Dilbert’s enthusiasm was definitely higher than kibble level.

Due to their size, these Bark Snacks would be a good training aid, though they may be slightly too large for a long training session - you’d have a very full pup! But nevertheless, they are great as a reward for a couple of tricks. They’re also a good size for being useful as doggy snacks on the go. A downside to the packaging is that it’s not great for travelling due to the size of the box and how easily it may pop open inside a bag, but that’s nothing that decanting a few of the snacks into a different container won’t easily solve!

8 out of 10 -  Dilbert says they’re delicious and he’d certainly like some more!

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Disclaimer: Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information at the time of writing, please ensure you check carefully before making any decisions based on the contents within this article.

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