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BorrowMyDoggy 09 January 2020

A guest post from BorrowMyDoggy

It’s safe to say… We LOVE dogs. From dashing dalmatians to barking beagles, seeing a dog on the street (even when you have a pooch of your own!) can really brighten your day. Here at BorrowMyDoggy - the online dog loving community connecting dog owners with local trusted people for walks, overnight stays and happy holidays - we love sharing knowledge with our members to help make a positive impact on the lives of dogs and people.

One thing that can be very exciting for new owners and borrowers is meeting a new dog for the first time. It can also be quite a nerve-racking time too - what happens if your new pawtential furry friend is shy? Or if they’re don’t warm to you straight away? Well, we’re here to put some of those worries to rest with these top tips for meeting, greeting and befriending new dogs.

#1 - Finding the right location


Owners and breeders will know where their dog is most comfortable; this may be in their home or at their favourite park. It may be best to ask beforehand if there are any behaviours or things you should avoid. For example, they might instruct you not to ring the doorbell as their pup might get over excited. 

#2 - Sniff hello


Letting a dog sniff your hand is a great first introduction. Try to stand a small distance away from them and give them opportunity to approach you first. They’ll most probably give you a quick sniff and wander off. If you’re lucky they may welcome you with an offering to pet them. If they do, take the opportunity! 

#3 - Tasty treats


The owner may have some treats to hand. Ask if you can give some to your new furry friend to help with your introductions and to positively reinforce their happy behaviour towards you. See if they know any tricks or commands too. 

#4 - All the cuddles


Once you’ve made your first introductions and the dog is ready, why not give them tummy or chin tickles? You can also learn all about this pawsome scratch, guaranteed to make firm friends.

#5 - Encouragement and enthusiasm


Remember to stay positive, even if your furry friend hasn’t quite warmed to you yet. A higher tone of voice can be helpful. If they seem to be happy and they would like to play, remember to keep that enthusiastic high tone too.

We hope these tips help you make some new furry friends! If you’re looking for a canine pal for your pooch for a playdate, why not join the BorrowMyDoggy community as a borrower?

Disclaimer: Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information at the time of writing, please ensure you check carefully before making any decisions based on the contents within this article.

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