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Licks & kisses

From the occasional ‘thank-you’ lick, to a full-blown smooch, licks are just how dogs show their appreciation. Some dogs will lick excessively while others will give a quick hand lick in passing - either way, it is a sure sign of true love!



If your dog curls up next to you, on your lap or at your feet, they’re saying they want to be as close to you as possible. They may even lean into you, like they are hugging you. Dogs will only cuddle in and lean on people they feel comfortable with, so it’s a sure sign of love.



When you greet your dog, they will likely wave their tail back and forth, jump and wiggle because they love you and are happy to see you. You cannot always assume a wagging tail means the dog is happy, but if it is used as a greeting then it’s love.



Begging is not just for food. Many dogs will beg for your attention by barking at you, pawing your leg, putting their head on your lap or on the couch next to you. They love being petted and are craving attention from their favourite person!



Some dogs will bring their owners their favourite toy and drop it at their feet. Yes, they want to play, but they also trust you with their favourite thing and know that you will have fun with them. Most dogs are good judges of character so if your dog brings you a toy to play with, then it is a sign of trust and love.


Belly up

If a dog shows his belly to you, or sleeps on his back with his chest up, that's a sign of perfect trust and love. It's a vulnerable position for dogs because they are completely exposed. So, if your dog rolls or sleeps on their back, that's a subtle way your dog is telling you "Hey, I love you, and I trust you.”



The instinct of a dog is to protect the pack. If your dog loves you, they will do everything in their power to protect you from perceived harm. So next time your dog gets agitated by another walker coming too close, or a lorry backfiring next to you, it’s merely their way of showing their loyalty towards you and protecting you.


jumping up

We teach our pets from a young age not to jump up, but in reality, this is just a sign of affection. The excitement of seeing you takes over and they jump up to greet you and to take in all the new scents from where you have been. So next time your dog jumps up to say hello, don’t be so quick to scold him!


Destroying your stuff

Believe it or not, this is a sign of love. Dogs steal and chew your belongings to get your attention, but if they do this when they are home alone or missing you, then they are doing it for love. Chewing releases endorphins that relax a dog but if the object they are chewing smells like the human they adore then that is even better!


Coming to see you when they’re in pain

Our dogs seem to understand we are there to help them when they’re in need. When our dogs come to us holding a paw up or lay their heads on our laps when they’re feeling unwell, it shows a great level of trust.

theDpawg’s data

Now that we know the feelings behind the actions, it’s time to look at the data. Equipped with doggy heart rate monitors, we set up a series of scenarios to measure our pets’ reactions to certain scenarios, with a view to find out what really excites our pups!
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Telling your dog

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Giving your dog



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