Dog Astrology

Your dog’s zodiac, compatibility and horoscope revealed!

Is your dog a classic Capricorn, or perhaps a stereotypical Sagittarius? We all know our dogs have their own quirky little personalities, but have you ever thought that they may be down to the stars? Just like us, our dogs also have their own star signs, and their traits and personalities may very well be affected by them.

Want to find out more? We’ve worked with a top astrologer to delve into all things dog astrology. Scroll down to reveal the ultimate doggy birth chart; just select your dog’s star sign as per their birthday and click to reveal the traits and personality types that embody their zodiac sign – as well as which humans they are most compatible with.

And to see what the stars have got in store for your dog this year, scroll down once you’ve clicked on your dog’s zodiac sign to reveal monthly horoscopes for your pooch for the rest of the year. You never know, they may make a new friend, or be due a dog-friendly holiday!

Are you ready to delve into the doggy stars? Get started below.

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July 23rdAugust 22nd



  • Proud
  • Confident
  • Attention-seeking

July 23rd – August 22nd

Leos love being the centre of attention, so expect Leo canines to always want affection, snuggles and praise. You might find people stop in their tracks to pet Leo dogs because their energy is magnetic – and they will lap it up! Although Leo pups will be everyone’s best friend at a party, there’s no place like home and they love sprawling out in front of an open fire with their humans at their side.

Compatible Signs

Leo pooches and Sagittarius humans are another amazing friendship match. Both signs love wild adventures and they are guaranteed to always have a great time together whilst enjoying a long and happy friendship.



Leo sign

Your positive and kind Leo energy will make your humans smile this September, Leo pooch! Quality time will be spent sharing cuddles with your family, helping to grow your bond even further. At the end of the month, the full moon in Pisces in your 8th house will make you crave ‘me’ time – so take full advantage of human attention early in the month.

Happy spooky season, Leo! When out for walkies this October, you will encounter some amazing sights and smells that you may not have ever seen before, helping to pull you out of the lethargies caused by a waning moon (the period between a full moon and a new moon) at the start of the month. But don’t worry too much; from October 17th, you will feel as good as new and may even learn a new trick or two.

It’s Scorpio season, meaning you may be feeling a little needier this month, Leo pooch. Take full advantage of the love and affection showered on you from your paw-rents but be careful not to whine and beg too much. There are plenty of treats on the horizon towards the end of the month, as humans begin to prepare for the festivities – what a lucky Leo!

Happy Christmas, Leo! It’s the most wonderful time of the year and the stars are aligned in a favourable position for Leos. You will receive extra attention and have lots of special treats to enjoy, ending the year on a high with lots of energy and an abundance of joy. You’re ready to em-bark on a wonderful New Year and take on the world!