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Simple dog-friendly birthday cake recipes

Kate W 19 January 2022

Canine Cottages is turning 5 years old! To mark this special occasion, we’ve been digging into all things birthday related and in this latest guide, we’ve put together a few excellent dog-friendly birthday recipes so you can spoil your own canine pal. 

No birthday is complete without a scrumptious dog cake to tuck into! If your best four-pawed pal’s birthday is on the horizon, find a delicious cake that will make their mouth water from the many dog-friendly birthday cake recipes we’ve hunted down.

From meat-filled masterpieces to fruity feasts, we’ve done our best to think of every kind of dog birthday cake a pup could want.

We’ve even been sure to include a couple of peanut butter free cakes for our friends with allergies and a couple of no-bake dog cakes to make it super easy to create a pet-friendly birthday banquet.

Birthday cakes for dogs baking in the oven

Searching for that perfect kitchen for baking up a feast or a great venue for your dog to celebrate their big day? Plan a dog-friendly birthday getaway with our collection of cottages. 

Test your baking skills by cooking up one of these gastronomic goodies for your family pet – but first, we’ve answered a couple of foodie-related questions you may have before getting started. Click on the question to see the answer.

Dogs can be allergic to a huge range of things, just like us humans. However, egg, wheat, dairy and soy are some of the foods that our four-pawed pals are most likely to be allergic to and worth avoiding if you’re concerned.

Peanut butter is a favourite ingredient for pup cakes as it’s sticky, sweet, cooks well, and is great for holding together other ingredients in a no-bake dog cake.

Other fun ingredients many of our canine friends enjoy include bananas, strawberries, sweet potatoes, and yoghurt. Yum!

Find out how to make a dog birthday cake

Pick out a dog birthday cake recipe to cook up for your fur baby…

Marvellous Muffins with The Barking Bakery

Treat your canine buddy with this delectable Marvellous Muffins recipe from The Barking Bakery. They know their stuff when it comes to baking for our canine friends as that’s their speciality!

It’s tasty, nutritional and is a dog birthday cake recipe without peanut butter making it ideal for any pets with a nut allergy too.

If you do decide to skip cooking, The Barking Bakery make a whole host of goodies from cheesy biscuits to dog doughnuts, all perfect treats to put out at a doggy birthday party - and if you want something extra special for your pampered pooch’s big day, check out their Pet Picture Cake.

Get a discount to use at The Barking Bakery when you join our exclusive Canine Club or try out this mouth-watering recipe for dog birthday muffins.

Marvellous Muffins with The Barking Bakery

Easy 3 Ingredient Dog Cake

A recipe for anyone out there who has limited time or simply knows where their skills lie – and it isn’t in baking!

This easy-peasy no-bake dog cake relies on only three ingredients: oat flour, eggs and peanut butter. Simple!

Battersea Dog Birthday Cake

Incorporating banana and coconut into their recipe, Battersea’s Dog Birthday Cake recipe even includes a video you can cook along with while baking for your pet.

They don’t skimp on cake icing either, suggesting you substitute the human version of buttercream with the far more dog-friendly mashed potato and sprinkle your cake with dog treats for the finishing touch.

Peanut Butter and Banana Frozen Pupcakes

Another great no-bake dog cake, these peanut butter and banana Frozen Pupcakes are the perfect size for an individual dog birthday cake – sorry humans, no sharing this time!

It’s a refreshing choice for any dog with a summer birthday as your pup can keep cool while tucking into a tasty treat.

Fido tucking into a delicious dog-friendly birthday cake

Peach and Mango Dog Birthday Cake

If your family pet has a peanut allergy, it can be tricky finding a recipe without peanut butter at its heart but this recipe and The Barking Bakery’s recipe at the top of the page are both dog birthday cake recipes without peanut butter!

This peach and mango cake for pups is bursting with a selection of fruity ingredients, making it a relatively healthy dog birthday cake recipe boasting a mix of nutritional goodness for your waggy tailed canine.

Meaty Cake-Less Dog Steak Cake

Finally, one for dogs who’d rather skip the fancy stuff and just tuck into some juicy steak! It’s essentially two layers of meaty goodness with mashed potato and grated carrot as the frosting holding it all together.

Ideal if you’re not entirely sure which birthday cakes dogs can eat, as most canines have no problem devouring any kind of meat. We reckon few dogs would turn their noses up at this feast.

Celebrate with a dog-friendly holiday

Kitchen at One Way Cottage in NorfolkOne Way Cottage, Norfolk

We hope one of these dog birthday cake recipes has got Fido’s tail wagging and given you an idea of what to bake for your pup’s special day.

Find a pet-friendly holiday cottage with a host of features your dog will love like a fabulous garden, scenic local walks or a wood burner – we have plenty of special features for the humans too! From hot tub lodges to sea view farmhouses, browse our cottages to find a wonderful place to celebrate a big birthday with your favourite canine pal.

Disclaimer: Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information at the time of writing, please ensure you check carefully before making any decisions based on the contents within this article.

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