The best of the rest: Canine Critics runners-up 2019 holiday cottages

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The best of the rest: Canine Critics runners-up 2019

Sam 25 July 2019

Disclaimer: Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information at the time of writing, please ensure you check carefully before making any decisions based on the contents within this article.

The response we had to our search for this year’s Canine Critics was fur-nomenal and we were overwhelmed by the sheer volume of superb applicants. It certainly had us running in circles, and we spent a long time pawing through all the entries in a frantic bid to choose just ten.

But imagine our delight when the top dog here at the office announced that we’d be mutts not to allow the best of the rest to be our runners-up. So here they are – the ones that tied us in knots and made the decision-making process the opposite of a walkies in the park; the ones we thought deserved a special mention… and a Bonio or two (although other dog snacks are available).

It’s time to meet the 20 members of the Muttley Crew…

Fetch runners-up from:

Runners-up – Scotland

Jura, Arla and Nora
Follow Jura, Arla and Nora at @the.frenchie.diaries

Names: Jura, Arla & Nora

Breed: French bulldogs

About us: We’re three friendly, full-of-fun, adventure-loving bulldogs who enjoy exploring new places and making friends along the way. We love a Sunday afternoon at a dog-friendly attraction or a bit of rock climbing on the beach.

Follow Lexa at @wildlingtails


Name: Lexa

Breed: Briard mix

About me: I’m a great adventure buddy and I love a road trip; I’m capable of sleeping anywhere and like nothing better than a good long walk in the countryside. My competition name is ‘Swamp Monster’ as rolling in the mud is my thing.

Runners-up – North East

Follow Winston at @winnie.beagle

Name: Winston

Breed: Beagle

About me: I’m a quirky pup who loves hiking through the countryside, dressing up in a variety of outfits - I particularly rocked #Dumbledog - and keeping all of my canine followers up to date on my antics and adventures!

Domino and Poppy
Congratulations to Domino & Poppy!


Names: Domino & Poppy

Breed: Dalmatians (we think!!)

About us: We are rescued twins who are never far apart. We love nature, culture and a bit of a nosey at just about anything. Sniffing out new adventures -sandwiched with some snoozing - is our idea of heaven.

Runners-up – North West

Congratulations to Dylan!


Name: Dylan

Breed: Unspecified

About me: I have an irresistible zest for life and absolutely love to travel. I can’t walk without help, or my wheelchair, but I never let that stop me form experiencing new things and meeting new people. Mum also says I’m gorgeous... I have to agree!

Congratulations to Marley!


Name: Marley

Breed: Spaniel

About me: I’m a pretty amazing spaniel as I’ve been clever enough to save my owner’s life several times by warning her before she goes into anaphylaxis. She’s been my absolute best friend since she got me from a rescue centre when I was just 5 months old.

Runners-up – Yorkshire

Follow Peter at @petrifiedpete

Name: Peter

Breed: Cocker spaniel

About me: I’m also known as Petrified Pete as I have a mystery medical condition which causes me to fall over when I’m scared, excited or for seemingly no reason at all! I’m happy all the time - I even smile - and I can think of nothing better than a snuggle on the sofa.

Congratulations to Kujo!

Name: Kujo

Breed: German shepherd

About me: I was originally meant to be a guard dog, but I’m too soft and lovable and just wanted to kiss everyone instead. Luckily, I now live with a fab family and I’m a happy and loving dog who can’t wait to go on a real family holiday.

Runners-up – Midlands

Betty and Tinkerbelle
Follow Betty and Tinkerbelle at @bettyboobeagle

Names: Betty and Tinkerbelle

Breed: Beagles

About us: We love visiting and exploring new places in the UK and have bags of personality. We're not too similar, though - Betty looks grumpyish and is totally ruled by food, while Tink is happiest when she's playing ball. 

Follow Monty at @sovictoria_

Name: Monty

Breed: Staffy

About me: I’m an incredibly lucky pup. I was rescued from the streets a week before Christmas and my owners raised the money to get me back to full health. I now love napping, snuggling, sunbathing and leaping out of bushes! Great game!

Runners-up – Wales

Follow Arlo at @arlotheadventurer

Name: Arlo

Breed: Pomsky (Husky and Pomeranian)

About me: I am the Ranulph Fiennes of the canine world: the ultimate explorer who goes wild for new places and loves to seek out adventure. I’m a cheeky chap who loves to pose in the outdoors.

Follow Rocco at @Bully_named_rocco

Name: Rocco

Breed: English bulldog

About me: I’m clumsy but playful and adore nothing more than a good old nap. I love spending time with other four-pawed pals, as well as my two-legged friends – especially when they take me on new adventures.

Runners-up – East of England

Follow Reuben at @reubenthecavalier

Name: Reuben

Breed: King Charles cavalier spaniel

About me: I’m as lively as they come and love exploring places all over the UK. One of my favourite activities is rock climbing – despite my little legs, I love it! Me and human are best friends and we spend all of our time adventuring together.

Barney, Beni & Monty
Follow Barney, Benji & Monty at @three_daxie_trouble/

Names: Barney, Benji & Monty

Breed: Miniature dachshunds

About us: We are triple trouble and love travelling all over the UK and Europe. Exploring new places and getting into mischief as well as posing for the camera is our thing – we also love rocking the odd hat or neckerchief!

Runners-up – London

Follow Rafa at @rafatherescuedog

Name: Rafa

Breed: Mixed

About me: I’m a 4-year-old rescue pup with a heart as big as my ears. I love making new friends, having cuddles, belly rubs (I’m often found lying on my back waiting for an unsuspecting human) and running around in circles.

Follow Vulric at @wolfdog_of_london

Name: Vulric

Breed: Czechoslovakian wolfdog

About me: I’m the one and only wolfdog of London and I love running free in forests and tall grass before taking a dip in a pond. Mind you, snoozing under the odd pub table or sofa is definitely my thing too!

Runners-up – South East

Maggie and Mishka
Follow Maggie (right) and Mishka at @maggiethewunderdog

Name: Maggie (the Wunderdog) and Mishka

Breed: Unsure(!) and miniature husky

About us: I’m Maggie, a rescue, and I’ve experienced a pretty tough life including being shot and blinded while living in Lebanon. Despite this I’m now really happy and more than capable of being independent. I’m assistant manager at my outdoor dog daycare with my sister Mishka. We love snuggles and naps.

Follow Izzy at @izzythetoller

Name: Izzy

Breed: Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever (or 'toller' for short!)

About me: Active, cheeky and game for anything, I enjoy nothing more than romping around on new walking trails, rain or shine, before returning home, curling up, and dreaming about adventures yet to happen or my next agility competition.

Runners-up – South West

Follow Buzz at @Buzz_the_PomPom

Name: Buzz

Breed: Pomeranian

About me: I’m one of the cutest little guys ever, with an excitable personality and the biggest smile - people can’t help but grin when they see me.  Despite my size, I throw myself into everything, I love a swim and regularly take flight (see above pic!)

Follow Barney at @Barneythedog0

Name: Barney

Breed: Collie x German shepherd

About me:  What can I say? I’m a handsome, rescued middle-aged gent with exceptional eyebrows and all my own teeth. I will do ANYTHING for cheese and I’m always up for meeting new people and trying new things. Party trick? Elvis face.

Think your dog has got what it takes to be next year's Canine Critic? You'll be able to sign up really soon. Or if your dog is more a fan of keeping a low profile and exploring new places then check out our full range of dog-friendly self-catering holiday cottages.

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